Is Kim Kardashian Proud of her Armenian Heritage?

Is Kim Kardashian Proud of her Armenian Heritage?

As you may be well aware of, to the Kardashians, their family is everything to them. They attend events together, have parties together, pray together, and even star in reality shows together. They are definitely a close-knit family that values each other and are proud to be in one another’s lives. 

Although the Kardashians are living the life of luxury now, it was actually Robert Kardashian Sr.’s side of the family that helped them get to where they are today. So, what does Kim Kardashian think about her Armenian side of the family? Is she proud of her Armenian heritage? Here is what we know about the history of Kim’s family and what it means to her.

The Kardashians: From Armenia to America

The story of how the Kardashian family ended up in America is actually very interesting. Robert Kardashian Sr.’s paternal great-grandparents fled Karakale, Armenia with their son in the early 1900s because an illiterate 11-year-old boy wrote out a prophecy in great detail that depicted war and death for many Armenians in the near future.

After they got to America, their son married a woman and had a son named Arthur Kardashian (Robert Sr.’s father).

On the other side of Armenia, in a town called Erzurum, Robert Kardashian Sr.’s maternal great-grandparents had heard about the same prophecy and also decided to take their child to go live in America as well. Once they were in America, their daughter got married and had a daughter named Helen Arakelian (Robert Sr.’s mother).

Shortly after both families left Armenia, the first World War took place, followed by what is now considered the “Armenian Genocide,” where roughly 1.5 million Armenians lost their life. So, the prophecy was in fact correct.

Thanks to both sides of Robert Sr.’s family (who both moved to California), his parents were able to meet and eventually get married and thus the Kardashian family line was able to continue on.

Is Kim Kardashian proud of her Armenian heritage?

Kim is proud of her ancestors’ courage and strength that they had shown when they moved to a completely foreign country at the thought of something bad happening in the future. That shows that for generations now, her family has not taken any chances when it comes to the safety of everyone. 

Kim is not only proud of her family, but she is also extremely proud to be an Armenian. The Armenian people, in general, are a group of strong-willed people who stand up for their beliefs and convictions.

Kim is very happy that she can include herself as part of that group. That is why she uses her celebrity status to help give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of Armenians who lost their lives at the hands of the Turkish government in World War I.

During World War I, the Turks were reportedly trying to get rid of all of the Armenian people. Their alleged eagerness to “purge” as many Armenians from this world as they could is the reason why over 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives during the first World War. This is the reason why it is referred to as the “Armenian Genocide.”

However, the Turkish government refuses to acknowledge that this ever happened, and instead say that so many Armenians lost their life due to the fact that it is just an unfortunate part of the war. But they insist that they had nothing to do with it.

Kim Kardashian definitely believes that the fact that so many Armenians lost their life was due to genocide and she often uses her social media presence to bring awareness to the atrocities that happened to her people back in 1915. She is even a huge supporter of the movie The Promise which is based on real events that happened to the Armenians in the early 20th century.

Has Kim ever visited Armenia?

In 2015, Kim, Khloé, and two of Kim’s cousins all took a trip to Armenia in 2015 to see where their family came from. Kim also brought along Kanye and their daughter North. Kim and her family stopped at several historic spots in Armenia, including the Armenia Genocide Memorial in Yerevan.

Although she no longer has any family that lives in the country, she was able to meet several local people that did know her family back when they lived in Armenia.

“The neighbors were like, Oh, the Kardashians! We remember them!” Kim told the Los Angeles Times when talking about the people she met on her trip. “They were told the Kardashians worked in these string-cheese farms and had two horses and carriages, which they said is the equivalent of two private jets today.

With such a rich and interesting history, it is no wonder why Kim is proud to be a part of the Kardashian family.

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