Its hard being pretty – trolls dont understand and call me cocky

Its hard being pretty – trolls dont understand and call me cocky

A woman was called "cocky" after saying it's "tough" to be pretty.

Pernille Mark Haldborg, from Denmark, took to TikTok to share the difficulties she faces in her daily life.

She said: "It's not always fun being the 'pretty' girl – other girls hate you only for that reason.

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"And men treat you like you are a trophy."

To her surprise, Pernille didn't get much support in the comments section and was offered "a slice of humble pie".

One critic wrote: "I'm glad that you don't have that problem."

"Pretty people usually don’t realise they are pretty. They are HUMBLE," a second commented.

"They don't hate you for being pretty. Confidence: I'm pretty. Cocky: Girls hate me because I'm pretty," a third explained.

But some supported Pernille and said trolls who tried to bring her down in the comments are "only proving (her) point".

A viewer encouraged: "So brave to open up and share about this issue."

Another defended Pernilla, saying: "Right, so we only hype up girls who hate themselves rather than the ones who love themselves? What a sad world. She is beautiful."

The TikToker ignored the negative comments and reminded herself how much effort she put into losing weight in the last three years.

She said in a post: "Babies remember, hating b*tches ain't happy and happy b**tches ain't happy, you know."

Earlier this week, a 72-year-old TikToker got slammed for being "inappropriate" as fans told her to "dress your age".

Keiko Guest brushed off the negative comments and said: "I wear children's clothes because I can."

Clothing styles don't define Keiko and she is never seen wearing loose clothing and holding walking aids.

"Ageism is rampant," she said.


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