Lidl is selling a £20 wine cooler handbag and it's perfect for summer

LIDL is selling a handbag that doubles up as a wine cooler, with a secret spout that can pour booze straight into your glass.

The wine handbag is only £19.99 and has a special insulated 1.5litre liquid compartment that connects to a tap dispenser.

The clever handbag can be used for everyday storage as well as for its secret drinks feature, and it comes in two different colours.

Shoppers will be able to choose between blue and white striped or classic black with brown handles.

The insulated compartment, that's built-in to the stylish everyday-looking tote exterior, allows you to carry wine about without worrying about breaking the bottle and keeping it cool too.

You simply just have to decant your booze into the compartment and then you can pour it straight from the bag.

The tap on the outside of the bag is hidden by a small flap and can be securely closed with a button to prevent any leakages.

Plus, inside the bag is another compartment with two small pockets perfect to fit things like a mobile phone or keys separate from where the wine will sit.

The bag is launching in-store at Lidl on Thursday, but will only be available whilst stocks last, and with Brits set to enjoy the 25C highs this week on picnics and trips to the beach, the product is likely to sell out fast.

At PortoVino you can buy a very similar bag for £45, it features the same everyday-looking tote bag but with a secret drinks spout and cool-bag hidden inside, but it's £25 more expensive than Lidl's.

The website specialises in the hidden-feature bags though, so there are seven different colour options you can choose from compared to Lidl's two.

Lidl has also launched a beverage dispensing backpack too, that's available in black with yellow accents.

The £19.99 backpack features the same insulated wine or drink compartment as Lidl's new tote bag, alongside an easy-access tap dispenser.

Plus the backpack has three separate zipped compartments and two external mesh pockets.

You can pick up a backpack from PortoVino too for £45 which is also £25 more expensive than Lidl's, but boasts all the exact same features.

You can't order either of the Lidl wine cooler bags online though, as the store doesn't offer home deliveries, so you'll have to head to your closest shop to pick up the bargain buy.

You can use Lidl's locator tool to help you find a store to visit.

In more boozy built-in gadgets, Aldi is selling a new rattan garden furniture set that comes with a built-in wine cooler for £300.

Asda has been offering 25% off boxes of prosecco, wine and champagne over the bank holiday weekend and you may still be able to cash in on the bargain prices.

Plus, check out our low-down on what time Lidl opens to make sure you're in with the chance of nabbing the newest bargain buys.

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