Logan Paul Spends $3.5 Million On Pokémon Cards

Logan Paul Spends $3.5 Million On Pokémon Cards

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has dropped big bucks on some first edition Pokémon cards worth a jaw-dropping $3.5 million. Some of the earliest Pokémon cards have skyrocketed in value over the past 2 years and the 25-year-old has become an avid collector. The YouTuber has spent over $5 million amassing a collection of increasingly rare first-edition boxes.

The Youtuber took to Twitter to reveal the sealed packs in a photo. In a later video detailing the purchase a friend could be heard saying that he believed the collection was currently the only one known to exist.

“Bruh, let’s f*****g go! That is a three and a half million dollar box. We are sitting in the vicinity of a 11 First Edition Base Set Pokémon boxes. This will probably never happen again. Is this the only one that we know that exists? … How many first edition Charizards are inside here? I can hear them. They are trying to get out, bro,” said Paul.

Paul didn’t reveal his plans for the cards, but it’s a safe bet that he won’t keep the cards sealed. His live streaming events featuring rare set reveals have become incredibly popular.

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The social media personality also seemed eager to find out how many valuable cards he might now possess.

The up-and-coming boxer was the focus of a lot of attention when he showed up at the Hard Rock Stadium donning a diamond-encrusted chain bearing a Charizard card to fight Floyd Mayweather. Paul claims the card is worth $1 million, and his claims might not be far-fetched considering its rarity.

“This is a Pokemon card. It’s a BGS 10 Charizard, first edition Charizard. It’s one of three in the world. It is my prized possession,” Paul said. “This is a million-dollar card, baby. This is the card I walked out with to the Floyd Mayweather fight. This is a million-dollar card.”

This isn’t the first time the Youtuber has splurged on rare cards. Earlier this year Paul dropped $2 million on 6 unopened boxes of first edition cards. He decided to auction off a single box containing 36 packs for $10,000 each. Ultimately, the packs sold for an average of $39,206 each, and Paul netted a substantial profit.

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