Love Island 2019 dictionary: What does Prang mean? Your guide to all Love Island phrases

Love Island 2019 dictionary: What does Prang mean? Your guide to all Love Island phrases

Love Island 2019 kicked off on Monday, June 3, and since then the public have been hooked.

If you have watched the ITV2 reality show before you will know certain catchphrases tend to be used by contestants over and over again.

And although you may recognise some phrases from last year, new lingo has been invented this year in the Love Island villa.

Sometimes you may feel like you need a dictionary just to keep up with what is going on.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “what are they actually talking about?” this is the place for you.

Here is your handy dictionary to all the Love Island lingo for 2019 – including the words prang, dead ting and bev.


Lucie Donlan, 21, warned before she entered the villa we would be hearing a lot of phrases we might not have heard before.

According to the Newquay native, the term “bev” means an attractive man.

She explained: “A bev is a hot guy, if he’s your boyfriend he’s your bev, but if he’s not your boyfriend he’s a bev.”

Many fans took to social media to tell her to give up “trying to make ‘bev’ happen”.

One viewer wrote: “I hate (and I can’t stress this enough) Lucie trying to make ‘bev’ a thing #LoveIsland”.

Another said: “This Lucie girl is proper trying to shove this ‘bev’ thing down my throat and I’m honestly sick and tired of it.”


Another word from the Lucie dictionary.

According to Lucie, bevnished means to have sex with someone, or to touch someone in a sexual manner.

But Love Island fans are getting fed up with the “bev” vocabulary.

One person on Twitter said: “I literally can’t listen to lucie say bevy and bev and bevnished for a solid 8 weeks I’ll lose my head.”

Another said: “The over use of ‘bevnished’ is really putting me off watching love island this year.”


This is another Lucie-special.

Similar to bev, Lucie seems to use this to describe hot guys.

The Love Island Twitter account has luckily jumped to the rescue with a definition.

A post read: “Bevvy (adjective): Sexy or good looking. ‘Joe is looking well bevy tonight.’”

Not to be confused with a slang for an alcoholic beverage…

It is what it is:

Another phrase which has already been commonly used in season five of Love Island is “it is what it is”.

During the first coupling ceremony several of the guys used the phrase to explain how they felt.

For example, when Michael Griffiths was relegated to the subs’ bench, Caroline asked him how he felt, to which he replied: “It is what it is”.

And after that the phrase seemed to be on repeat throughout the whole first episode.

The phrase means: “The situation, circumstance, or outcome has already happened or been decided or establised, so it must be accepted even if it is undesirable,” according to The Free Dictionary.


Grandino isn’t technically a phrase, but if Tommy Fury mentions it again you may need an explanation.

The boxer asked Amber Gill if she knew about grandino, and she was confused, rightly so, thinking he meant the largest sized Starbucks drink.

A Grandino is an American cookie produced by German food manufacturer Sodney.

Tommy has a soft spot for the treats, so we could be hearing about them more.


Love Island presenter Caroline Flack believes “breadcrumbing” will be the new iconic phrase from season five.

When asked by This Morning’s Alison Hammond what she thought the “next big phrase” would be, Caroline said: “I think it’s going to be breadcrumbing.”

Caroline explained: “Breadcrumbing is when you leave little pieces of bread for someone. When you lead someone on.”

According to Urban Dictionary, breadcrumbing is “the act of sending out flirtatious but non-committal text messages (i.e. ‘breadcrumbs’) in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort”.

Grafting: Working hard at getting someone to like you.

Cracking on: To develop a romantic relationship with someone. For example, “I’m done with [name]. I’m gonna crack on with [different name] instead.”

Where is your head at?: You might hear someone ask this, which is a way of finding out how someone feels about you.

Snake: Someone has done something bad behind your back.

Pied: The act of being dumped by someone.

Melt: An idiot, usually someone who is being soft or pathetic over a girl.

Mugged off: Being made a fool out of by someone taking advantage of you.

Muggy: Acting in a deceptive or disingenuous way

100% my type on paper: A phrase used to describe someone who you initially find physically pleasing

A bit of me: Used when someone is your type and you are interested in them.

Aggy: Someone being very angry, agitated or aggravated

Loyal: Someone on Love Island who stays true to their partner, or their friendship group.

Laying it on factor 50 thick: The term usually means working hard for the attention of someone.

But factor 50 thick means really exaggerating or over-working for someone’s attention.

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