Magnetic Don Knotts had a way with the ladies

Magnetic Don Knotts had a way with the ladies

He may have played bumbling Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show,” but in real life, Don Knotts was quite the lothario.

His daughter, Karen Knotts — who recently penned a memoir about her father — admitted that he was “very loved by women all the time.”

“There was something about my dad,” she told Page Six in a new interview. “Even I noticed like there was something about him that drew you in.”

She added, “Like you could just be sitting and having a normal conversation with him and you would just be staring into his eyes, like trying to figure out what he was really thinking. There was something magnetic about his personality and women definitely responded to that.”

Karen — whose mom, Kathryn Metz, was the first of Don’s three wives — lived with her then-single dad while she was in high school and witnessed his healthy dating life.

“There was never a woman who was angry at him,” she told us. “Like nobody said, ‘Oh, your dad didn’t come through with the relationship’ or anything. Everybody loved him and if the relationship was over, they became his friend.”

Karen, whose book, “Tied Up in Knotts: My Dad and Me,” is a tribute to her father, spent a good chunk of her childhood on the Mayberry set and says that the show’s star Andy Griffith was a “complex” person and unlike his genial image.

“He fascinated me,” she said. “He had these mood swings and you could look at his face and see like, OK, this is not a good time to approach him, but he was always very sweet to me. And he was like a father figure on the set. He was somebody that people could go and talk to.”

After Don — who died in 2006 at age 81 — left the series in 1965, he went on to have a successful career in films like “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” “The Shakiest Gun in the West” and “The Apple Dumpling Gang.” He also gained an entirely new generation of fans with his turn as the lecherous but lovable landlord Ralph Furley in “Three’s Company.”

Karen said Furley’s campy outfits made him a favorite of gay audiences, which irked his “Andy Griffith” fans.

“They thought it was too far away from the kind of values they grew up with,” she said, before noting that her dad adored his gay fans.

“People always tend to associate him with his characters,” she said. “And that frustrated me because I thought my dad was so interesting.”

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