Man Named Harry Potter Sold The First Edition Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone For $38,000

Man Named Harry Potter Sold The First Edition Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone For $38,000

A first edition copy of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone – owned by a man named Harry Potter – was sold for $38,000 at an auction. This first edition of J.K. Rowling’s novel is rare, only 500 copies were ever printed, many with typos. Most of those ended up in schools and libraries, leaving only 200 copies of the book to make it onto store shelves.

Harry Potter, 33, has owned his well-loved copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone since its debut.

Potter’s father gifted him and his sister a first edition copy after its initial release. He had heard the title of the book on the radio and decided it would be a nice surprise for his son, who shared the same name.

“The book had pride of place on the windowsill next to my bed and was eventually joined by the whole collection,” recalls Potter’s sister Katie Sign. “They’ve stayed on a shelf or a windowsill in every house I’ve lived in for 20 years. It was a treasure to us long before it had any value to the rest of the world.”

As the series became more famous, Potter met many who joked and made fun of his name or didn’t believe him. After the release of the first film, an English TV show invited 12-year-old Potter to appear. He was able to meet celebrities Gwen Stefani and Ben Stiller.

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Potter has kept the book as a prized possession over the years. Its sentimental value has increased since his father passed away due to cancer in 2017. But he’s recently decided to part ways with the volume with the purpose of fundraising for a trip to Kenya, where Potter plans to scatter his dad’s ashes.

New York Post reports that despite its worn corners and creased spine, the novel sold at Hansons Auctioneers in the United Kingdom for $38,000.

“I’m happy it sold,” he said in a statement to South West News Service. “We plan to use the proceeds to take my dad’s ashes to Kenya.” Furthermore, Charles Hanson, Hanson Auctioneers’ owner, added, “We’re delighted to deliver a happy ending, and add a new chapter to the Potter story.”

This isn’t the first time a first edition of the title has sold for a huge sum. According to The Verge, another first edition of the book, complete with typos, sold for $90,000 in 2019. This first edition copy demanded a much higher price because J.K. Rowling signed it herself back in 2003 for a charity auction.

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Sources: New York Post, The Verge

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