Meghan Markle’s ’emotional’ body language shows ‘distress’ in rare appearance with Harry

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hosted the event via video link from their home in California. What did their body language show during the appearance?

Meghan and Prince Harry spoke to a range of guests on issues that focused on the digital experience of users.

During the talks, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared their own experiences as well as asking guests questions.

Looking at their body language, Judi James suggested this revealed a lot of emotion from the couple.

She told “Hosting a succession of speakers voicing their thoughts about the dangers of social media, Harry and Meghan appeared both alone and as a beaming and nodding double act to share their deep, personal passion and interest for the cause via some very emphatic and emotional body language displays.”

While doing a solo interview, the expert suggested Meghan was able to get across her genuine passion for making a change.

However, she also showed signs of “distress” and possible discomfort at some of the topics being discussed.

Judi continued: “Meghan displayed strong levels of passion for the subject under discussion, potentially based on her own experiences.

“There was a sense of tough-talk in the way she sat with one elbow extended, performing the kind of mouth shrugs and accelerated blink rate that told us she was totally on board with the themes being discussed.

“When the idea of online ‘vitriol’ was discussed she raised both hands to chest level, closing her eyes and almost wincing as she talked.

“Sitting beside Harry, Meghan again signalled her distress at some of the themes by placing her hands over her face and first pursing her lips before biting them.”

This reaction from the mother-of-one could have been prompted by her personal experience of the topics discussed, Judi suggested.

When the royal couple sat together, their body language showed some similarities.

The expert suggested the pair had similar body language which showed they were in sync during the appearance.

“Harry and Meghan’s body poses looked mirrored, with Harry sitting slightly closer to the camera,” she added.

“Picking his way through words like ‘incentivised algorithms’, Harry did seem to forget he was still visible when not talking, looking down and with his smile dropping as he sucked in his lips rather than using the same hosting, encouraging smile as his wife.”

Looking at their body language, Judi claimed the couple may have shown their changing approach to their new working roles and future goals.

“There was a new type of gesture from both Harry and Meghan to suggest a far more intellectual approach,” the expert continued.

“Meghan rested her chin on the knuckles of one hand as she listened to her husband and Harry echoed that gesture by performing a small beard stroke as he spoke. These both suggest they are working on a deeper level than they might have done as royals.

“One telling highlight came when Harry asked what individuals could do to change the world for the better.

“A guest speaker raised the idea of political involvement, suggesting the right people should get politically involved and run for office themselves.

“There was a frozen moment from the Sussexes which could have been caused by a time delay but then they both broke out in mirrored, cheek-rounded, beaming smiles that suggested a desire to look modestly enigmatic rather than allow any leakage gestures to hint that might be an objective of theirs.”

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