Morrisons makes self checkout change and customers are threatening boycott

Morrisons makes self checkout change and customers are threatening boycott

Morrisons has made more of its checkouts card only – and people aren't happy about it.

While it will improve service for those who pay with their credit and debit cards, those who opt for cash are likely to have to wait for longer as there are less checkout points available. And this has left some customers so "livid" that they're threatening to boycott the supermarket.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a commenter said: "You are making a grave mistake going to card only checkouts. Goodbye, there are plenty of supermarkets who serve us better. We walk with our feet."

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Another said: "10 self serve machines. Seven for card only and the other three for cash. Why can't they be for both? Most annoying for people who want to use cash."

A third remarked: "Huge mistake to marginalise and exclude the elderly who prefer/rely on cash."

And a fourth added: "I refuse to shop anywhere that does not accept cash. Morrisons near me until recently had only two self serves accepting cash, majority all card. People don't always carry a card. Besides it feels good actually holding cash and using it."

Following complaints, Morrison reassured that customers who want to pay with cash will still be able to do so.

A spokesperson said: "All of our stores will continue to offer a mix of cash and card payment options and so if a customer wishes to pay by cash they will be able to do so.

“Following the pandemic we have seen more of our customers choosing to pay by card, both on our colleague serviced tills and our self-service tills and so this change is about ensuring there are the right number and mix of cash and card payment points in our stores.

“As a result, in some of our stores, we will also be converting a number of our current payment points to card only”.

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