Most rare and valuable £20 notes in circulation revealed – from missing Queens to lucky 7s

Most rare and valuable £20 notes in circulation revealed – from missing Queens to lucky 7s

AVID currency collectors don't just stop at coins, find a rare bank note and you could be in the money too.

There are a number of £20 notes floating about that can score particularly high bids at online auctions, all because of their quirky features or history.

Some are missing key features like the image of Queen Elizabeth II's head which has gone walkabouts in some error designs, meanwhile the gamblers delight in their favourite sight of a row of lucky sevens.

The paper £20 is soon to disappear from cash drawers and ATM's across the UK, so we're sure it won't be long before they become rare in their own right.

Of course, spend them up or cash them into the bank sooner rather than later or you could find yourself short when they do expire – but it could be worth keeping one or two behind in case they do increase in value once they're demonitised.

But whether they're old or new, you should always be wary of fakes that may be doing the rounds too.

You can always head to experts to get your change validated, that way you'll know if it's the real deal, and checking other eBay listings can often give you an idea of the value.

You may be able to hike up the price you sell a copy of your own on for if that's the case.

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But the value of various £20 notes can vary from one day to the next.

One collector may be willing to pay hundreds if it's rare, has a history, or any other reason, but the Bank of England may only accept it at face value.

Regardless, we've spotted some top sellers on eBay – here's what they went for, and why they were so rare.

The first issue – worth £204

This rare £20 note first in the batch, and in turn, collectors wanted to be first in line to get their hands on it.

You know it's rare because its serial number ends in 000001 which indicates it was the first to come out of that line.

One of these early editions sold on eBay for £204 which is just over 10 times more than its face value.

But Change Checker says that these uncirculated low serial numbers could get as much as £450 if presented to the right bidder.

All the ones – worth £210

Another one for the numbers fans, repeated numbers always strike a cord with those in the collecting circuit.

This example of a £20 note has the serial number 111111.

The repeated number pattern is rare – it's almost like getting all your numbers on your lottery ticket so it's definitely worth looking out for in your change.

One £20 note with a series of six number onessold for as much as £210 on eBay.

In the past we've also spotted fivers with the serial code AA01 444444 – a double whammy of low serial number and repeated serial number.

AK47 – worth £50

Change hunters are always out to get their hands on this style of note, no matter what the denomination is.

The AK47 serial number sounds similar to the type of assault rifle which gives the money an extra mobster appeal – perfect for bragging online.

We've seen other notes before sell for as much as £160,000 as they have the quirky AK47 characters, and even ones with AK46 have been listed for hundreds of pounds just by association.

We spotted a £20 note sell for £50 on eBay that had the AK47 serial code most recently.

Lucky 7s – worth £171

Roll up and place your bets, the fate of this £20 was certainly left up to the dealer.

Lots of Brits like to associate luck with money and find that the two manifest each other, so it's only natural that a "lucky" £20 note would sell for a lot more than its face value.

Multiple sevens are seen as a token of luk, especially in gambling, casinos and more.

Bidding can often be a style of gambling so the two pair up quite nicely.

It's funny then, that the final closing sale of a recent version of a £20 note with the repeated sevens in the serial number, landed on £171, continuing the recurring number seven theme.

Missing Queen – worth £69.89

Off with her head, and up with the price.

This copy of the £20 is missing one crucial element – the Queen's head on the holographic part of the design.

Error coins and notes will often sell for more than face value because the mistakes that they sport mean they're produced in low numbers.

That makes demand higher and collectors hungry to get their hands on one.

A recent copy sold for as much £69.89 on eBay because it was faulty – that's almost three times as much as a £20 note would regularly be worth all down to its issues.

Vintage £20 – worth £115

Older notes can be worth a fair amount of money even though they'd be worth nothing at face value today.

You can't use them to pay for your drinks down the pub as they've been demonitised, but they work perfectly for a home collection.

This retro style that we spotted on eBay managed to rack up 41 bids, showing other collectors were keen, and they were willing to spend as much as £115 to get their hands on it.

Being in good condition will help, and can often drive the price up higher.

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