Mum left in stitches after son draws venus fly trap that resembles genitalia

Mum left in stitches after son draws venus fly trap that resembles genitalia

Kids often bring pictures they have drawn at school back home for you to hang up lovingly on the fridge, despite sometimes not having the foggiest idea what it is.

This was the case for one mum whose son had brought home his drawing – an interpretation of a "venus fly trap" plant.

However, the picture of the plant looks less like something that you would find in the garden and a bit more like something you would find between a man’s legs.

Nell Frizzell who is a freelance journalist, author and podcast host posted a snap of her child’s art on Twitter and captioned the post: “My son has drawn ‘a Venus fly trap’.”

Drawn on some red paper, her son created his version of the fly eating plant that featured a questionably thick stem with two spiky ball shaped objects at either side.

Hilariously resembling a man’s genitalia.

The tweet swiftly went viral and racked up 2,800 likes and 150 retweets.

However, Nell was not the only parent to have been left red faced by their child's artwork.

In response to the mum’s original tweet, a barrage of tweets from parents who had experienced similar cases of mistaken identity drawings.

One parent replied: "My son painted a 'fire breathing dragon' this week.”

And, it seemed plenty of other parents also had cheeky drawings to share – many of which resembled rude body parts.

One giggling parent shared: “Check out this by my 6 year old”

In the snap was a red and white drawing of a creature with a moustache, but the unusual shape of its head had mums and dads chuckling.

Having been left tickled by the funny drawing blunder, people fled to the comments to share their amusement of the phallic shaped plant creation.

One person joked: “Penis fly trap more like!”

Another user added: “Saved to a 'When my son turns 18' folder perchance?”

Whilst a third user commented: "If that doesn't get stuck to the fridge I will be deeply disappointed in you."

Someone else noted: “One for urban dictionary right there.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person stated: "10/10, top trolling by the youngster!"

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