My daughter has no friends, no job and spends all her time in bed

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter spends her days in bed, hoping she’ll rot away and die. I’m terrified for her.

Though she is now 23, she has been this way since she was a teenager.

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She had an eating disorder back then and phobias of everything. I’m her mum and 50.

Even now, my youngest still eats hardly anything and can’t swallow pills.

She has no friends and no job. She left school as soon as she could, doesn’t wash and rarely comes out of her bedroom.

My eldest daughter is a nurse and thinks my youngest could have skin cancer from a mole. But my youngest simply refuses to get it checked out.

DEIDRE SAYS: She is extremely depressed. She can’t go on like this and you can’t live with the worry.

Ask your doctor to make a home visit. They are busy at the moment because of Covid but this situation is urgent. Maybe somebody else talking to her will make her see that she must get her mole checked out.

You can talk through her mental health issues with

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