My lingerie snap was called a horror story – so I got my own back with crisps

My lingerie snap was called a horror story – so I got my own back with crisps

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  • Iskra Lawrence has made a successful modelling career out of embracing her curves, but she has opened up on the dark side of the industry.

    Brought up in Kidderminster, Iskra is now based in Texas after her modelling career took her across the world while posing for famous brands and magazines.

    But it hasn't always been like this as in the early days of her career her lingerie snaps sparked brutal backlash online after going viral and were even described as a 'disgusting horror story'.

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    Speaking on the Boss Babe podcast, Iskra spoke candidly about the vicious hate she received on Twitter.

    She said: "It was an image of me just twisting, in my lingerie like super-happy, confident and you can see some rolls. It was insane that that went viral."

    The picture was then shared by in the media with a comparison to another photoshoot of American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts, as Iskra was branded "the real American horror story."

    "It was a picture of me and it was like 'this is disgusting, you're not allowed to be a lingerie model,'" she added.


    "It went so viral because obviously, people were like 'yeah, that's disgusting' and 'she shouldn't be a lingerie model, what's wrong with her stomach?'"

    Iskra also claims to have seen comments wondering if she had kids or had some sort of disease – none of which was true.

    However, the 32-year-old didn't let the haters stop her from chasing her dream as she said a lot of people responded to the snaps in a positive way.

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    She explained: "On the flipside, people were like no this is what normal bodies look like and people were like 'have you not sat down?'

    "Literally, everyone has rolls when they sit down."

    But she did respond to the haters, filming her viral video flipping the bird to the online trolls while eating a bag of crisps, which only made her account grow by over "100,000 followers a night."

    The Boss Babe podcast is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts with new episodes released every Tuesday.


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