My street has been ruined by racy billboard – Im sick of seeing models boobs

My street has been ruined by racy billboard – Im sick of seeing models boobs

Residents of a North London town have been left angered over a racy model's billboard – claiming it's 'ruined' their street.

Emily Rose took out the giant ad in Tottenham to advertise her racy content page, where fans can pay for access to photos and videos. And the billboard has annoyed those living in the area who say they're "sick of seeing her boobs". Some have even called on the council to rip it down.

However, before anything could be done, mother nature stepped in, with Storm Babet’s heavy rain washing the ad near Bruce Grove Station away. However, locals remain angry that the model was able to get the ad put up in the first place.

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Tottenham shopper, Fatima, told MyLondon: "I'm a woman and I'm getting sick and tired of seeing other women's boobs. There'll be families around here and they don't need to be forced to see that. This isn’t about religion or anything it’s just common sense. Keep that sort of thing in the bedroom."

Another local, Melissa, added: "I thought it was very odd and I'm quite surprised about the place – I don't know what they were thinking.

"My husband loved talking about it because he found it so funny. It’s just peculiar, I found the whole situation very funny. Especially the irony of the poster underneath with OilyFans."

Haringey Borough Council cabinet member Seema Chandwani said the local authority had no powers to take down the billboard, which was apparently concerning parents.

Despite the backlash, the OnlyFans ad had some supporters. Someone on social media said: "Nicked this photo from a local residents forum where someone is doing a "won't they think of the children?" over a lass in a bra when there are daily stabbings around here." Another added: “I admire your initiative, Em. Good luck.#SexWorkIsRealWork."

Bruce Grove local Gareth also said: "I mean, it's okay in a way that if you type in the link you can't get through to anything and you still have to subscribe. If it's just her in her swimsuit and pictures like that, then that's no different to many other advertising you see for Coke and underwear shops."

Emily seemed very happy with her billboard as she showed it off to her 158,000 followers on Instagram earlier this month. She shared a photo of herself posing beside it and wrote: "Proud moment. I’m on the side of a building in London guys! It so crazy seeing a giant version of myself from all the way down the street.

"I love that I get to do things like this, I honestly have the best job in the world and I’m so lucky to wake up and feel excited about what the day might bring. A huge thank you to everyone who has ever supported me, it truly means the world to me and I love you so much."

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With Emily Rose’s ad washed away, a previous one is now visible. It is environmentalist campaign mocking BP’s former CEO Bernard Looney with a pretend link to a site jokingly called OilyFans.

This isn't the first time an OnlyFans model has angered north London locals, with Eliza Rose Watson getting the green light from advertising watchdogs this summer.

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