Naughtiest profession where people are more likely to cheat on their partners

Naughtiest profession where people are more likely to cheat on their partners

Which workplaces are conducive to cheating? According to experts at RANT Casino, some professions are sneakier than others.

RANT CASINO surveyed 3,800 individuals across the UK to ultimately reveal the industries serving as “hotbeds for workplace affairs”.

Not all salespeople cheat of course, but according to the research, people working in this profession have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to being unfaithful.

A whopping 14.5 percent of salespeople surveyed (239 individuals out of 1,644 respondents) admitted to having a workplace affair.

The experts said: “Often with irregular working hours and numerous work functions or networking events to attend, this places the industry at the forefront as a prime breeding ground for infidelity.”

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Next up were those who worked in teaching, training and education, who also tend to stray when in relationships according to the findings.

In this profession, 13.7 percent (226 people) admitted to cheating with someone at work. The experts said: “A surprising profession to land among the top three, intelligence is indeed sexy, and you never know what sort of extracurricular activity your teacher spouse is involved in, being named among the naughtiest of professionals!”

But it’s a good day for those in committed relationships with workers in Science and pharmaceuticals. These loyal people admitted to just two workplace affairs.

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Top industries for workplace affairs revealed

1. Sales – 239 affairs

2. Teacher, training and education – 226 affairs

3. Healthcare – 205 affairs

4. Transport and logistics – 161 affairs

5. Hospitality and events management – 126 affairs

6. Engineering and manufacturing – 109 affairs

7. Property and construction – 90 affairs

8. Accounting, banking and finance – 88 affairs

9. Information technology – 76 affairs

10. Armed forces – 65 affairs

11. Recruitment and HR – 36 affairs

12=. Charity and voluntary work – 32 affairs

12=. Leisure, sport and tourism – 32 affairs

14. Social care – 31 affairs

15. Energy and utilities – 27 affairs

16. Retail – 23 affairs

17. Public services and administration – 22 affairs

18. Marketing, advertising and PR – 14 affairs

19. Environment and agriculture – 10 affairs

20=. Law / legal – nine affairs

20=. Media and internet – nine affairs

22. Creative arts and design – seven affairs

23. Law enforcement and security – three affairs

24. Science and pharmaceuticals – two affairs

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