New Moon August 2020 horoscope: How will the New Moon affect YOU

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The next New Moon falls on Wednesday, August 19, and it’s in Leo this time. The Moon affects the tides uses the same gravitational pull on our emotions, intuition, dreams and soul. spoke to Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_) and used information from her book Lunar Living: Working with the magic of he moon cycles, to reveal your New Moon horoscope.

In modern astronomy, a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon align, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides.

You cannot see a New Moon in the sky, since the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth leaves the side of the Moon that faces Earth in darkness.

The New Moon rises and sets at about the same time as the Sun, meaning it is brought too close to the Sun to be seen with the naked eye.

The Moon will become visible again about a day after the New Moon. This is called a Waxing Crescent Moon.

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How will the next new moon affect YOU

Ms Gallagher said a New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions.

She advised: “Get clear on what you want to create, manifest, and put into motion in the coming lunar cycle.

“Set your dreams, goals and intentions for the lunar month ahead.”

Normally when there is a New Moon in the sky, you will be encouraged to move forward into new beginnings.

The moon moves between the twelve zodiac signs about every two days, and passes through all of them in one lunar month.

At every Full and New Moon throughout the year, the moon will be in a different zodiac sign.

This movement brings a different energy for us to work with, and we will be affected by this regardless of our own star signs.

It is worth nothing that you will feel the moon’s energy more strongly when it is full or new in your zodiac sign.

This New Moon is in Leo this month, and Leo is a fire sign.

This means Leos will be given extra support and encouragement this New Moon.

Those with Leo Sun Signs (If you aren’t sure what your moon sign is, find out here) will also feel it strongly.

In general, the Moon in fire signs bring us passion and enthusiasm.

According to Kirsty’s book, a Leo Moon often brings with it “a little glimmer of light and hope”.

This New Moon, you will be clearing up who you really are.

The book says: “This is a wonderful moon under which to get clear on how you wish to speak your voice with the world.

“You will find a deep desire under this moon to do work that is of service to the world and humanity and to share something that only you can share, and so if you’ve had any ideas about starting something new, Leo is your perfect partner for heart-based endeavours or plans to bring you and the world joy, even if you’re not exactly sure how yet.

“This moon will give you the bravery to take on new things and commitment to see them through.”

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The Leo New Moon is also the perfect time to stick on a face mask and pamper yourself for the night.

Kirsty said in her book: “This is also a wonderful moon for self-care, as Leo energy makes giving yourself permission for rest and pampering a lot easier, so put your needs first for a day or two.”

You heard what she said! This New Moon is the perfect time to do some yoga and binge that new Netflix show.

Kirsty also believes in performing rituals during different Moon phases. 

To welcome in a New Moon, Kirsty recommends smudging and setting intentions.

She said: “As the New Moon is the beginning of a whole new lunar cycle this is a wonderful time for cleansing rituals, to ensure that you start afresh and with a blank slate.

“Use a sage smudge stick or Palo Santo to cleanse your environment and your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

“Simply burn the stick, or even incense and hold the intention to use the smoke to cleanse away anything you don’t need.

“This is also a great time to do energy or chakra healing to really clear your energies.

“This is also the time of the lunar cycle to set intentions so take time on the New Moon to set up a quiet sacred space to tune into what you want the following month to bring, and to set your intentions.

“You may even want to create a moon altar on a New Moon that you can meditate/journal in front of through the lunar cycle. With out your intentions and what you want the lunar cycle to bring you.”

You can also use this time to charge your crystals and drink Moon water.

Kirsty said: “Now is a wonderful time to charge your crystals with the intentions you set and what you want to create.

“Moon water will also help amplify your intentions. Fill a jug or container with drinking water, charge the water with your new moon intentions (you can also place your charged crystals in the water) and then place the covered water container either outside or by a window on the night of the new moon so it can be charged with the energy of the new moon.

“Drink the Moon water to embody your intentions and help bring them to life!”

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