Obese husband is dangerously overweight and won't eat healthy packed lunch

Obese husband is dangerously overweight and won't eat healthy packed lunch

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband is dangerously overweight and isn’t taking it seriously.

He works long hours for a water company so I make him a healthy packed lunch every day.

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I often open it and find the food untouched.

He’s 49 and I’m 45. We have a son and a daughter aged 13 and 14. He is 5ft 10in and nearly 17 stone.

He pretended he wasn’t hungry and had missed lunch.

But I see from our bank statements that he goes into fast food restaurants every single day.

He drinks lots and never does any exercise.

He’s started to get wheezy whenever he exerts himself and our sex life has dropped off a cliff.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are right your husband is obese and is risking further ill health.

Talk to him again and explain you are worried for his health.

But rather than putting him on a healthy diet, try to cook healthily for the whole family and organise active days out.

Have a look at the NHS’s Live Well website for plenty more healthy ideas (nhs.uk/live-well).

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