OkCupid now lets everyone list their pronouns on their profiles

If you’re on OkCupid, you’ll now have the option to list your pronouns on your profile – regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.

Back in 2018, OkCupid introduced a pronouns-listing feature for users who identified as any gender other than a man or a woman.

Now, the dating app is allowing that feature to be used by everyone, regardless of their gender identity.

So from now on, cisgender women and men are able to list their pronouns as she/her or he/him.

The site is doing this to normalise listing pronouns in profiles and thus try to make this safer for trans and nonbinary people on dating apps.

This is important as it works to disrupt people’s assumptions of gender identity based on appearance, and makes stating your pronouns feel normal and free-of-awkwardness – by making this something everyone does, not only trans and nonbinary people.

Michael Kaye, global communications manager at OkCupid, said: ‘For many people, especially non-binary and transgender daters, there’s nothing more personal than our names and pronouns.

‘At OkCupid we’ve spent years helping LGBTQ+ daters express themselves more accurately on our platform, by adding questions focused on dating as a queer person to expanding gender and orientation options, and introducing the pronouns feature for our LGBTQ+ users.

‘By encouraging all our users to share their pronouns, we’re hoping to create an even more inclusive space for everyone who lives outside of traditional expectations of gender expression and identity.’

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