Olivia Jade Says Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Once Slid Into Her DMs — Here's How She Reacted

Olivia Jade Says Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Once Slid Into Her DMs — Here's How She Reacted

"I’m really sorry I’m going to expose you, but I think you’re probably a really nice person," says Jade of the "Harry Potter" alum.

As we close in on the 20th anniversary “Return to Hogwarts” reunion, Olivia Jade is sharing her own Harry Potter experience.

The social media influencer and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant opened up during E!’s “Down in the DMs” on Thursday, sharing that Tom Felton actually once slid into her DMs. And he did it with a lot more suave cool than Draco Malfoy ever mustered on-screen.

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He even slipped in a pretty slick HP reference, though that may have been part of the problem.

According to Jade, Felton pinged her with the message, “Hello mate. Dig your work.” He then followed that up with a snake emoji, which is a pretty clear reference to his Slytherin background from the iconic film series.

Unfortunately for Felton, the reference flew over Jade’s head like a Seeker after the Golden Snitch in a game of Quidditch (those are also references she likely wouldn’t get).

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“I haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies, so I didn’t get the joke,” Jade admitted. And without proper context, who knows what she thought of a snake emoji from a total stranger she had no idea was one of the most famous people of the 2000s.

In her defense — only somewhat — is the fact that Jade was born in 1999, so she was more worried about potty training when the first Potter film hit theaters than she was about the mean but still somewhat cute boy that kept picking on Harry and his friends.

She also admitted that she left him on read. “I didn’t respond and now I just exposed that I’ve seen it and I didn’t respond so that’s also rude of me,” she said, though she didn’t indicate how long ago it was that he tried to open a dialogue.

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She admitted that most people would probably be excited to have Tom Felton sliding into their DMs with his snake emoji, but she blew it. “I just need to watch more movies,” she conceded — which means she still hasn’t seen them?

Obviously, at some point she figured out who he was or she’d have no story. Did someone else tell her? Did she run into him somewhere? Did she start seeing his name pop up with the anniversary looming and gosh it sure looked familiar?

The holidays are the perfect time to binge-watch all eight movies. They’re currently streaming on HBO Max. Oh, and the books are pretty great, and you get a lot more of Malfoy in those — for better and worse.

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” hits HBO Max on New Year’s Day.

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