Omicron is up to 90 PER CENT milder than Delta for boosted Brits, Sajid Javid reveals

Omicron is up to 90 PER CENT milder than Delta for boosted Brits, Sajid Javid reveals

OMICRON is up to 90 PER CENT milder than Delta for boosted Brits, Sajid Javid revealed today in a huge breakthrough for our pandemic fightback.

The Health Secretary said the NHS faces a "rocky" few weeks but remained encouraged by the latest data emerging about the variant.

A killer combination of boosters and groundbreaking antiviral drugs have put the country on a much better footing to fight Covid, he said.

Speaking on a visit to King's College Hospital Mr Javid begged people to come forward for third jabs with an optimistic update on most recent findings.

He said: "There are some encouraging signs. We know now that Omicron is less severe.

"Once you get boosted your chance of hospitalisation our latest analysis shows that is almost 90 per cent less that what it was with Delta."

And in a sobering warning, he said 70 per cent of the patients at the ICU he visited today were unvaccinated.

Ministers are throwing the kitchen sink at the booster programme, which The Sun's Jab's Army campaign is helping to turbo-charge.

Mr Javid trumpeted that Britain was leading the way boosters, antivirals and testing in Europe.

But he warned we're not out of the woods yet amid increasing pressures on hospitals.

Mr Javid warned "we are still seeing rising hospitalisations, particularly with the case rates rising in older age groups that is of concern and I think we have to be honest, and when we look at the NHS, it will be a rocky few weeks ahead."

Some 200 soldiers have been deployed to hospitals to help ease the pressures of staff absences.

Ministers are defying doomster calls to trigger more restrictions and are sticking with their "balanced" Plan B approach.

The PM this week all-but ruled out a return to full-fat lockdown and declared he's not "shutting down our country again".

And thanks to the booster rollout and evidence Omicron is much milder, he wants to take Britain "much closer to normality".

Downing Street is increasingly hopeful of ditching Plan B measures like working from home and mandatory masks when they are reviewed at the end of the month.

One senior government source told The Sun that Cabinet is united in wanting to axe the curbs – apart from Mr Javid who is a “lone voice” against.

They said: “It’s understandable that he takes that view given he has hospitals and medics constantly on at him.

“But no one else wants to see them extended while the data is in our favour.”

Business minister Paul Scully today said the Government "doesn't see the need" for fresh measures despite soldiers being deployed to ease the load on hospitals.

He pointed to "encouraging" signs that London was over the peak of the outbreak amid clear evidence that Omicron is far milder than previous strains.

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And thanks to the booster rollout helping keep society open he declared: "2022 will be much brighter than 2021."

Covid infections are still high and yesterday hit 179,000, luckily down on the previous few days.

Some 200 troops have been sent to hospitals to help plug absences of staff off sick or isolating.

He told TalkRadio: "Having the army working within our hospitals is having extra bodies to cope with NHS pressures.

"It's not the army on the streets in combat and weapons or anything like that. It's actually just helping those staff pressures.

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