Page 3 legend from the 1980s is now a black cab driver who still sells nude pics

Page 3 legend from the 1980s is now a black cab driver who still sells nude pics

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    A former Page 3 legend who was one of the most popular pin-up girls in the 80s and 90s is still selling nude photos online – 35 years after her newspaper debut.

    Donna Ewin first posed topless in 1988 when she was just 17-year-old and she stayed in the glamour industry up until 1998.

    She also graced the cover of Playboy magazine five times – but she is now earning money selling saucy content to her fans online. And alongside her sexy shoots, she's also dedicated over 20 years of her life as a black cab driver in London.

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    The mum, who is now 53, was once nicknamed The Body and she is still using her killer curves to earn a living on OnlyFans where she has almost 800 posts for her subscribers.

    And her on her bio, she states: “My subscription is currently at £4.99 as I'm unable to come on here as much as I'd like, I will still be posting content and answering messages, but as my life is very busy, I am only posting 1 PPV a month at the moment until I am able to be on here more.

    “Come. Getting to know me with a personal touch. Where you will be able to get to view unseen recent photos. Behind the scenes past photos that have never been seen.”

    She advertises the kinky page on her Twitter where she markets herself as a “Page 3 legend” to her 13,8000 followers. And she is still admired with fans remembering her earlier work.

    Under one photo on Instagram, one person said she was “still one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet” while a second went: “Donna Ewin never aged, so fit”.

    “Wow!!! Used to have your pic on my bedroom wall,” another drooling bloke said while a fourth added: ”Such a babe. Always my favourite.”

    And when one fan asked her if she could be any other Page 3 girl who she would be, she answered: “They are all amazing. I wouldn't be able to choose just one.”

    Donna grew up in Bethnal Green and after school she went to the London College of Fashion. She also worked in restaurants and pubs in the city.

    But she said a career as a fashion model wasn’t possible because of her body type. And explaining how this led to glamour modelling and Page 3, she told London Taxi Radio: “People said when I was that age you should do modelling blah blah blah and a few things grew and I couldn’t be a fashion model.

    “I wasn’t the right shape, I was pretty shapely, and someone said try the Page 3. I joined an agency and went from there really, but my dad was horrified.”

    She acknowledged that 17 was too early to be a Page 3 girl and that the glitz and glamour lifestyle was nothing more than a smokescreen.

    After her modelling career she turned to acting and featured in things like Kevin & Perry Go Large the TV series The Fast Show. But she eventually turned to a more traditional job.

    She explained: “My career was ending and I wasn’t a Shakespearean actress and I wasn’t Barbara Windsor and I left school and I didn’t study. My dad is a black cab driver so I am ‘like what do I do’.”

    And asked how she was treated by male cabbies when she started out over 20 years ago, she said: “Different. I remember going down at Heathrow and I walked into the cafe and I felt like I had three heads, like I was a cyclops.

    “Sometimes I did feel a bit intimidated but I thought I thought 'I am going to hold my head up high and if they look they look'. It is hard.

    “That is one that stands out and I remember the most. Some blokes are fine and others still do get the hump because it is a woman cab driver, they still get the hump

    “I remember this bloke at Tottenham Court Road once, he looked at me and shook his head in disgust. I went ‘hiii’ and really was playing it up to him and he got the hump and drove off.”

    Donna is not the only Page 3 legend who is now selling nude snaps all these years later and you can read about the wild life of her former colleague Debee Ashby here.

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