Pregnant woman who went to Glastonbury weeks before due date slams critics

Pregnant woman who went to Glastonbury weeks before due date slams critics

A woman has defended her decision to go to Glastonbury while eight and a half months pregnant.

Lois Mallet-Walker, from Stevenage, Herts., documented her time at the festival for her 18,000 TikTok followers – and assured them she was perfectly comfortable.

Posting under the username @girlbossadventure, Lois captioned the viral clip: “Our cosy setup tonight at Glastonbury. I’m gonna give you all an honest review of what it’s like camping here 8 1/2 months pregnant and let you know how it goes…”

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The mum-to-be brought a blow-up armchair and a matching footstool so she could put her feet up.

She even claimed that sleeping on the airbed in the tent was comfier than her king size bed at home.

Heavily pregnant Lois shared: “No joke, I slept better than I do at home… I think I need to start sleeping on an air bed instead of my king bed because it seems to move better with the weight of the day.”

Lois' videos quickly went viral, with many viewers surprised she would risk going to Glasto so close to her due date.

One person questioned: “Why why why would you do that when you're so heavily pregnant???”

Another user added: “Just be careful in them crowds as could be very dangerous for you and baby. Unfortunately people don’t care at Glastonbury when they’re drunk.”

While a third person voiced: “I think I would have just stayed at home.”

But the TikToker has since defended herself against keyboard warriors.

She said: "We pretty much moved house so I could be as comfortable as possible.

"Realistically, we definitely wouldn't have planned for me to be here so pregnant.

"But we bought the tickets for 2020 Glastonbury which were rolled over to this year – and we have literally been trying to get tickets for about 10 years!

"It was also our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday so we didn't to be apart from each other.

"I think people have a pre-conception of Glastonbury but you can do Glastonbury the way you want to!

"I don't think Glastonbury is for the fainted hearted but when you really love music, with preparation and a good sidekick who will help you out, it can be done pregnant!"

Lois explained: "You choose your campsite and how you want your experience to go.

"So ravers usually choose certain campsites [and there are family options]."

The mum-to-be added that her husband Tom, 31, was on hand to set-up the tent and keep an eye on her during the festival.

She added: "In total, it took him five trips walking to the car, which was around one hour round trip each time.

"He is a trooper, but he was very keen to come so was prepared to do everything he could to make me comfortable as he knew I would struggle with walking and setting up…

"When I arrive at a music act, Tom gets out a chair for me with an umbrella and I sit near the back where it’s less crowded.

"It's a story to tell our precious little baby.

"My mum took me on safari to Kenya when she was seven and a half months pregnant with me and I always loved that story – so now we are making our own story."


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