Princess Anne’s ‘authoritative’ body language shows ‘close’ bond with the Queen

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Princess Anne has lived her life in the public eye, and is a senior working member of the Royal Family. She will regularly attend engagements and events on her own as well as alongside the Queen. 

The pair also have a shared interest in horses with the Queen being known for her love of equestrian and Princess Royal, who started riding horses at the age of three.

Body language expert, Judi James, has shared with what their relationship could be like. 

Looking at photos of when the pair are together, Judi analysed their facial expressions and body language to provide an insight into their bond.

The expert said: “Princess Anne and her mother do undoubtedly look close, but their body language rituals together suggest a meeting of minds and complimentary traits rather than any fond fussing or more tactile displays.”

However even though their relationship may look close, Judi explained that Anne’s signals don’t look like she is on hand to help. 

Judi added: “Anne’s respect signals for her mother show in the way that she gives out no sense of being ‘on alert’ to offer help or support, despite the Queen’s ninety-odd years.”

Instead, the expert suggests that Anne admires her mother’s sense of “independence”, a quality that “Anne herself excels in”.

As well as admiring the Queen’s independence, the body language expert added that some of Anne’s gestures often suggest a worried daughter.

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Judi said: “You can often see a worried daughter of a very elderly parent using intentional or truncated gestures to show a supressed, hidden desire to offer support, like the affectionate and protective arm that Michelle Obama held out around the Queen’s back on their visit, but if anything Anne has a tendency to respond to any glances from her mother with a raised-brow smile to suggest a shared, possibly naughty sense of humour, and a backward lean to signal ‘the spotlight is all yours’.”

Analysing their body language throughout the years and looking at a photo of Princess Anne and the Queen at The Offices of Women’s Education in Building, Judi said that Anne tends to show the same gestures as her father, Philip.  

The expert added: “As the Queen cuts a cake here Anne adopts the same hands behind the back gesture as her father, and as the two women’s eye-gaze meets it is clear from both Anne’s smile with the pulled in chin and the Queen’s rounded cheeks and excited eye expression that the pair share the same sense of amusement that should make their royal appearances together much more fun.”

With Princess Anne’s role in the Royal Family means she will often attend events and provide speeches for large audiences. 

This also means adhering to many different rules and etiquette like maintaining professionalism. 

The body language expert explained that one of Anne’s greatest tests of confidence was her speech at London Fashion Week.

Judi said: “The notoriously unfashionable princess could have looked like a fish out of water here, especially surrounded by the Gothic stage set but instead she makes her speech standing alone with her shoulders squared and using authoritative facial expressions like the raised brows, solid eye-contact with her audience and the puckered, asymmetric smile.”

These authoritative facial expressions can also be seen in the Queen when she gives her speeches, showing that they are very similar. 

Solid eye contact is also something the Queen does when meeting guests and it is often referred to as one of the most powerful means of communication.

When Princess Anne speaks on her own, the expert explained that her non-verbal signs of confidence are both “powerful” and “old-school”, which defines “her as the kind of alpha presence that would provide leadership in an emergency situation”.

Due to her confident nature, Judi added that she doesn’t seem to be nervous at all. 

The expert said: “Fear and anxiety don’t seem to feature in her body language repertoire and she uses none of the self-protective gesticulation that most of her male relatives are famous for, like her brother Charles’s ritual of cuff-fiddling and pocket-checking.”

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