Princess Margaret loved dancing to reggae music

The only woman who could ‘shush’ the Queen! Lady Anne Glenconner reveals Princess Margaret would scold the monarch for talking to her during The Archers – leaving her lady-in-waiting to smooth things over with cups of tea

  • Princess Margaret’s lady in waiting Anne Glenconner, 87, appeared on Lorraine
  • Lady Glenconner served as maid of honour at Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953
  • Claims once when Anne was ill and listening to radio she ‘shushed’ the Queen 
  • Told royal has ‘Tremendous memories’ of private island in Caribbean Mustique 

Princess Margaret’s closest confidante Lady Anne Glenconner has revealed how the spirited royal ‘loved’ dancing to reggae music, and would shush the Queen if she interrupted her during The Archers.

Appearing on Lorraine today, the royal’s former lady-in-waiting, 87, revealed how she had to smooth things over with a cup of tea after the Princess refused to speak to the Queen while listening to Radio 4. 

She also spokea about Margaret’s love of Mustique, where Lady Glenconner’s late husband offered Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, a piece of land on their privately-owned Caribbean island as a wedding present.   

The pair would often visit the Island and Lady Glenconner said some of  Princess Margaret’s ‘happiest memories’ were on Mustique, where they hailed her ‘our Princess’. 

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Princess Margaret’s closest confidante Lady Anne Glenconner, 87, told today’s GMB how she had to smooth over a spat that occurred over The Archers when the Queen came to visit her younger sister (pictured together in 1948)

Appearing on Lorraine today, Lady Glenconner told Margaret told The Queen to be ‘shush’ after she kept speaking over BBC4 Radio programme The Archers during her visit

Lady Glenconner explained that once while Margaret was ill, she had to resolve a spat between the two sisters with a ‘cup of tea’ after Margaret told the Queen to be quiet. 

‘Princess Margaret was in bed and the Queen came and I waited in the drawing-room and I soon heard her come downstairs. 

I said “Is everything okay?” she said, “No it, isn’t, Princess Margaret is listening to the Arches and every time I say something she tells me to shush”. 

‘So I went off and turned the wireless off and we made a cup of tea, but it all ended all right.’  

She also spoke about her ‘tremendous memories’ of the time she spent with Margarat in Mustique.  

‘I have a huge number of photos, and the house that Colin gave her was the only house she owned and she really loved it,’ she said. 

‘I think some of the happiest times she had was there, the people of the Caribbean loved her. 

‘They called her “our Princess” and she loved dancing to reggae bands. We had a really good time.’ 

Princess Margaret experienced a mild stroke in 1998 at her holiday home in Mustique and died aged 71 at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London in 2002, having suffered another stroke that resulted in cardiac problems.  

Princess Margaret’s closest confidante Lady Anne Glenconner, pictured with Margaret at Sandringham, told that some of Margaret’s ‘happiest memories’ were on Mustique

She told host Lorraine Kelly that she resolve the spat between the two sisters with a ‘cup of tea’


Lady Glenconner served as a maid of honour at Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 and insisted that she has ‘such great admiration’ for the Queen, who has ‘never put a foot wrong. 

She said:  ‘I felt so honoured to be chosen as a maid of honour, I have such great admiration for the Queen. 

 ‘She’s never put a step wrong and holds the whole royal family together. Really I think she’s fantastic, I really do. 

‘Being part of the Coronation is something I will never forget the best thing I’ve ever done, people ask if it was my wedding but I say no the Coronation.’  

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