Privacy First: 8 Billionaires With The Most Insane Private Islands

Privacy First: 8 Billionaires With The Most Insane Private Islands

When it comes to splashing out millions of dollars of luxuries, billionaires worldwide don’t back down to show they want the best. When purchasing expensive homes and supercars doesn’t fill the appetite, they take things to the next level and purchase islands for themselves. While buying an island has a starting price of only $50,000, billionaires have purchased the most expensive and exclusive islands. With the growing competition to stay on the top, these billionaires have only one motivation to make insane purchases: To leave a mark on the world by accomplishing a feat nobody has done.

From American real estate developers to British moguls, these billionaires have gone all out to buy the most beautiful and serene islands in the world. Offering eye-watering views on huge properties, these islands are as gorgeous as they are expensive. Let’s take a look at the crazy expensive islands owned by billionaires.

8 Ted Turner

Best known for introducing the world to the first twenty-four-hour News Channel, Ted Turner has a whopping $2.2 billion net worth. His hefty bank balance helped him buy St. Phillips Island thirty-five years ago on the coast of South Carolina. The 4,680 acre of property has a 70-acre long white-sand beach. As mentioned by Forbes, Turner put the property on sale for $23.8 million, and it was purchased five years later.

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7 Sir David And Sir Frederick Barclay

Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, known as the Barclay Twins, have established a $9.7 billion business empire in the field of hotels and real estate. The twins own the Brecqhou Island located on the Eastern coast of Sark on the English channel. The 72-acre island has its pub, chapel, village, and vineyards. The most remarkable feature of the island is the gorgeous Brecqhou Castle that is worth $82 million.

6 Larry Ellison

Oracle Co-Founder Larry Ellison went big when he decided to bring the billionaire’s ultimate paradise to life. He bought 98% of the beautiful island of Lanai in Hawaii for $300 million in 2012, as stated by Scmp. The island is home to 3,200 residents and features marvelous resorts, serene beaches, and rugged terrains. The billionaire reportedly moved to Lanai in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

5 Dietrich Mateschitz

Founder of the drink with wings Redbull, Dietrich Mateschitz, stands at the 56th position as the wealthiest person in the world. With $26.8 billion in the bank, Mateschitz did not hesitate to buy the 3,500 acres of Laucala Island in Fiji. The island has a rainforest, white-sand beaches, and coconut trees. The billionaire purchased the island for $10 million in 2003 and turned it into a resort where guests can stay for a starting price of $5,600 for a night.

4 John Malone

Billionaire John Malone purchased a heart-warming island called Sampson Cay in the Bahamas. With a net worth of $7.9 billion, Malone is among the wealthiest people in the United States. According to Lover Property, the island was open to the public until 2013 before Malone transformed it into a private island for his friends and family. Out of 31 acres, 21 acres of the land is on sale for an astonishing $14.5 million.

3 Sir Richard Branson

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Mogul and eccentric billionaire Sir Richard Branson is quite famous for his lavish spending and lifestyle. Branson took a chunk out of his $6.5 billion to purchase two beautiful islands: Necker Island on the British Virgin Islands and Moskito Island. He bought the first island for merely $120,000 and has transformed it into an eco-resort. The second island is also a hot spot for celebrity spotting, and it was purchased for $12.5 million in 2007. It features luxury villas, nature trails, and an organic garden. 80% of the energy resources of the island are renewable.

2 Bill Gates

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Landing on the fourth spot on the Richest People in the World, Bill Gates spent a small amount from his $124 billion fortune to purchase the Grand Bugue Island in Belize. Purchased in 2006, the 314 acres of island is worth $25 million. Bugue Island has opportunities for water sports and fishing. It offers calming views of the ocean surrounded by palm and coconut trees, as noted by Addicted 2 Success. Additionally, the island also has a lush forest in the rear end.

1 Roman Abramovich

Russian billionaire and owner of the English Football Club Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, has built an empire worth $15.3 billion. Known for his infamous purchases like his $400 million yacht, the billionaire made the headlines after buying an island in St. Barts for a whopping $90 million. The 70-acre island offers gorgeous views of the blue lagoon, swimming pools, and tennis courts on the property.

Being multi-billionaires, these moguls might see it as a challenge to find ways to off-load their bank balances brimming with ever-growing net worth. These islands are a perfect getaway for them to step out of the limelight and the prying media attention to get some much-needed break from their busy schedules.

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