Puppy Dropped Off at Animal Shelter in Cereal Box, Covered in Fleas Gets New Home

Puppy Dropped Off at Animal Shelter in Cereal Box, Covered in Fleas Gets New Home

A puppy that was dropped off at an animal shelter in a cereal box, covered in fleas, has a new home.

On Saturday, roughly 20 families showed up to Riverside County Animal Services’ Jurupa Valley shelter to adopt 9-week-old Razz Berry after photos of her inside a Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries box went viral on Twitter.

The tiny white pooch had been abandoned at Bryant Park in Riverside last week. Her flea problem has since been addressed.

Because the demand for little Razz Berry was so high, Riverside County Animal Services “conducted a ‘lottery’ to make it fair for all that showed up to adopt,” Riverside County Animal Services shared in a YouTube video, which documented the puppy’s adoption.

After everyone made their picks, it was revealed that the Sheets family — Hayden, Teresa and James — would be welcoming Razz Berry into their family as they selected the highest number out of 100: 92.

The moment was especially touching for Teresa, who fought back tears after sharing that the family’s beloved Puggle named Ginger died on the same day they saw the story about Razz Berry.

“I saw it the day we lost Ginger, and I was like, ‘Oh it’s too soon,'” Teresa said.

Finding Razz Berry is all the more special as the family had been looking for a dog to name Salt because they currently have a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix named Pepper.

“It just all happened, I don’t know how this happened,” James said of adopting Razz Berry.

However, Teresa explained they will probably keep Razz Berry’s name as it is.

“Ginger, we adopted when she was 1 and the other family named her Ginger, so we were like, ‘Well, that’s her name,'” she added.

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