Report Of "Prince Philip" Royal Yacht Leaves Buckingham Palace Displeased

There are a series of media reports being released that suggest there will be a new vessel on the open seas that bears Prince Phillip’s name, and the Queen is not impressed. In fact, Buckingham Palace is reportedly “displeased” that this would be considered, and are not at all in support of this idea. The Royal Central reports that; “a number of news organizations have said that the Ministry of Defense is drawing up plans to commission a new Royal Yacht which will bare Prince Philip’s name,” and that this vessel will be used as a method to attract tourism and act as a floating embassy, and the Queen is not impressed. In fact, she has not been spoken to for her thoughts on the matter, so she’s making her opinion known in a very public way right now.

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There once was a vessel by the name of the Royal Yacht Britannia, which actually belonged to the Queen at one time. It was used as her very own, personal ship and was available to her for any and all of her needs from 1954 until 1997. At that point, it was decommissioned by the government.

Royal Central confirms that; “HMY Britannia was the 83rd such vessel since King Charles II acceded to the British throne in 1660.” The Queen and her dignitaries as well as members of the Royal Family were all transported on this vessel, and the thought is that this should be revived.

However, this time around, the Queen is far less interested in this concept and she certainly does not authorize anyone to name this ship after her late husband, Prince Philip.

Boris Johnson supports this effort. He’s quite fond of the concept and is intrigued by a Royal Yacht that could potentially add to the UK’s influence in securing Brexit trade deals. He hasn’t, however, approached the Queen, which would be proper protocol on every level – including the basic respect level and consideration of the fact that she just lost her husband of 74 years.

This is a sensitive time to discuss using his name for benefit.

Boris Johnson is likely to tread more lightly now that The Times has quoted Buckingham Palace’s response that the palace is; “apparently very displeased with this suggestion in the papers.”

Many are in total disagreement that a yacht costing so much money is really needed to boost morale or carry Prince Phillip’s name.

The Royal Yacht is estimated to cost £120m to recommission, and Mr Johnson indicates it would  “add greatly” to the soft power of the United Kingdom. However, there is much back and forth about who should foot the bill. The former Mayor of London doesn’t want the taxpayers and citizens to feel the burden of this expenditure.

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