Royal Christmas card sparks fierce debate over Princess Charlotte’s looks

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Princess Charlotte sits on her mother Kate’s lap, wearing sweetly matching outfits. Both have pie crust collars on and jumpers.

Charlotte also wears a mini version of Kate’s favourite boots from Penelope Chilvers.

However, it wasn’t her similar look to Kate’s fans went wild for, it was her similarities to other royals.

A number of fans were convinced the Princess looks just like her great grandmother the Queen, 94.

One wrote in the Instagram comments: “Charlotte looks just like the Queen.”

Princess Charlotte compared to Princess Anne by royal expert

Another agreed fervently, saying “yes it’s crazy.”

An international fan said: “I thought so too! (From Portland, Oregon)”

“When I first saw her, I keep saying the same thing.. I thought I was the only one…” another wrote.

“Twin great-granddaughter,” another observed.

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But not all agreed. Some saw a greater similarity between the Princess and her father.

One wrote: “I just don’t see it. Not sure why everyone thinks she looks like the Queen. The Queen looked nothing like this at Charlotte’s age. I think she looks a lot like her dad.”

Another said: “I think she looks like William in this picture.”

“It’s the eyes that are from the Queen originally and also William. All of the kids thankfully got their mama’s nose,” another said.

One wrote: “I just don’t see it. She looks like William to me with a little mix of her moms nose.”

But one claimed Charlotte’s features come from another side of the family all together.

“No she looks like Catherine’s mum,” they said.

Princess Charlotte amused fans recently, refusing to hold her father’s hand on the red carpet.

The whole Cambridge clan attended a pantomime last week in London’s West End.

In a video from the evening, Charlotte can be seen pulling her hand out of William’s who puts a tender hand on her head. 

He offers her his hand to take again, but the little royal resolutely ignores him, walking confidently on her own.

One fan said: “I love the glimpse of an independent streak in Charlotte when she drops Daddy’s hand to walk alone, but then later reaches for his hand and then clasps his leg when they stop. She is clearly a Daddy’s girl.”

“How lovely, Charlotte has such confidence, it’s great to see them all out together,” another said.

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