Save on bills with this under £30 energy efficient heater – 26p to run

Save on bills with this under £30 energy efficient heater – 26p to run

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Now is the perfect time to invest in an energy efficient heater as the Ofghem energy price cap comes in effect in October. Amazon shoppers are now praising this small heater that will become handy in the winter.

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Keep warm at home without increasing your energy bills with the Brightown Electric Fan Heater. On sale on Amazon, it’s now less than £30 and will only cost about 26p to run per hour. Ideal for heating rooms up rapidly, it’s going to become a winter essential.

Finding an energy efficient heater has become a priority for Brits as the temperature gets cooler.

Using a plug-in heater can help Brits use heating more efficiently, which will lower energy bills, and Amazon shoppers are currently praising the Brightown Electric Heater.

On sale from £39.99 to just £28.79, this energy saving device is a two-in-one heater fan that provides two heat levels at either 750W or 1500W.

Electric heaters show how much energy the use with their heat so when this heater runs at 750W, it’ll be 0.75kW.

With the new Ofgem energy price increase of 34p per kW, this means that this heater will approximately cost only 26p to run per hour.

The Brightown Fan Heater is light, portable and ideal for heating a room up instantly and has handy functions including tip-over protection, thermostat control and is lower than 45 decibels so its super quiet to use.

It’s best used in medium-sized rooms like the bedroom, basement, home office, conservatories but do not use it in damp spaces like bathrooms.

BUY: Brightown Electric Fan Heater (£28.79)

There are over 800 reviews and shoppers love how easy it is to use and its value for money.

A_71 said: “Loving this small heater. It has really warmed up a small bedroom within 15 – 20 minutes.”

Jax added: “I’ve had them over a year now and still going great. The amount of heat it produces is amazing.”

Antony Ward also agreed: “Great little heater, packs a punch with it so small.”

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