Shopper spots mistake on gift tag, but others can't understand what's wrong

‘No peaking’ read the gift tag spotted by Vickie Hurles in the South Lanarkshire branch of Bargain Buys.

Laughing at the error, the eagle-eyed shopper decided to post it on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, with the caption: ‘Make sure when buying your Xmas tags that the grammar is correct, unlike these from bargain buys… Santa says no peaking.’

The pack of 20 gift tags costing £1 got a good ribbing from others on the group, with one saying, ‘I got these, luckily my kids can’t read.’

Another said, ‘How did these pass quality control?’ while a third chimed in ‘Maybe good for mountaineers?’

Some, however, couldn’t understand the problem.

For clarity, peeking is when you that a sneaky look at something (such as your presents). Peaking is when you reach the top of something (either mentally or physically).

‘What’s wrong with no peaking. I don’t get it,’ one said.

Another person added ‘That is the right spelling…’, before being bombarded with people correcting them.

It’s an easy mistake for a regular person to make, but perhaps not so for a major store (Bargain Buys is owned by Pound Stretcher).

They’re still on sale on the website, and FEMAIL has contacted the chain for comment on the product.

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