Sick knifeman breaks into family’s home and slices heads off four pet chickens

A family has been left devastated after their four pet birds were decapitated in their back garden by an unknown assailant.

Paula and Tracey Hewitt, from Bangor, Northern Ireland, were on holiday when the horrifying attack happened.

The couple say their four daughters have been left traumatised after their rooster, named Big Daddy, and three hens were killed.

A distraught neighbour was looking after the animals at the time and had to tell Paul the news by phone, reports Belfast Live .

Paul explained: “Until this week we had two dogs, four hens, a rooster and five chicks and now someone has come onto our property and sliced the heads off our rooster, Big Daddy, and three hens.

“The person who did this left their bodies lying in the garden and removed the heads and we don’t know what has been done with them.

“We were away for a few days at our caravan when our neighbour, who'd kindly been looking after our pet birds, called to say four of them were dead.

“I had to go back to Bangor and see what was going on and my wife Tracy had to break it to the children that their pets were no longer alive.

"The girls are aged two, five, six and nine and they are confused and very, very upset.

"Our only consolation is that we had our dogs with us and one little hen, Sweetie, was locked away with her five new chicks – this was Big Daddy’s first brood of chicks and now he’s been killed.

“Some people may not be too worried about dead chickens, but these were our children’s pets and someone broke into our property with a blade and sliced their heads off.

"That takes a certain type of person to do that once, never mind four times and the rooster, who was just five months old, was obviously trying to protect his chickens because he was very smashed up.

“We've always got on well with the neighbours we know and they’re as horrified as us.

"But someone came into our secure back garden in Bangor West and basically murdered four of our children's family pets and devastated our children as a result.

"As confirmed by police to me, this was a brutal attack carried out by a person, not a wild animal.

"It was not only vicious in nature but calculated and premeditated. And a weapon was used, therefore this person had to have armed themselves with a blade from somewhere and carry it to our home.

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