Side-hustle expert reveals how 'disappearing' jobs create opportunity

Side-hustle expert reveals how 'disappearing' jobs create opportunity

‘Side hustle expert’ reveals the part-time jobs that could earn you a FORTUNE – because there are so few people who ‘really want to do them’

  • TikToker Side Hustle Realist shared his insight into lucrative opportunities 
  • He explained that the three jobs that are not ‘dying out’ for lack of demand
  • Instead, the three professions face a lack of workers with the necessary skillsets

A savvy business owner has explained which jobs ‘are literally disappearing’ because no one thinks to go into them anymore – before revealing how you could make a fortune by seizing on the openings.

The man, who goes by Side Hustle Realist on social media, shared three ‘disappearing jobs’ that have the potential to become lucrative amid the thinning ranks of prospective workers looking to go into the associated professions.

The content creator began ‘if you start them today, they’ll make you a lot of money – and it’s not what you expect.’

He then went on to list the three profitable vocations as that of a seamstress or tailor, shoemaker, and dry cleaner.

A savvy business owner and side hustle expert has revealed three ‘disappearing’ jobs that he says will help you to earn a fortune if you ‘start them now’ 

Launching into the first option of being a seamstress or tailor, he mused, ‘How many young people do you know that really want to become a seamstress or a tailor?’

Launching into the first option of being a seamstress or tailor, he mused, ‘How many young people do you know that really want to become a seamstress or a tailor? It doesn’t exist anymore. 

‘People that are doing it right now are making a killing. It’s going to be even better in the future, because no one wants to get into it.

‘People are always going to need their clothes to be altered, whether it’s hemming their pants, putting a patch on – whatever it is, it’s always going to be needed.’ 

Pointing at an old-school Singer sewing machine model, he continued, ‘I mean, could you believe that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with this thing right here? This old thing right here?’

As the second side-hustle, the social media star elaborated that because ‘shoemakers’ are ‘disappearing slowly,’ the ‘people that are doing it right now are really making a killing.’

He went on to explain that he knows of a man with a ‘very small shop’ making ‘close to a million dollars, and he’s a one-man show.’ 

Shoemaking, the man added, entails more than just making repairs as it also encompasses fixing leather and suede, which takes a specific skillset as well as certain tools that are virtually exclusive to the profession. 

Last but not least he admitted that, while he may be ‘a little biased’ on the matter, his own side-hustle of operating a dry-cleaning business offers serious money-making potential.

The content creator explained that the other two vocations were that of a shoemaker and dry cleaner 

Viewers flooded the comments section to express gratitude for the insider advice

‘If you go to a dry cleaner near you, you’re going to notice something. The owners are usually pretty old. I’m talking about in their 70s and 80s. Because their kids don’t want to take over,’ he said. 

‘And what happens is that this industry is slowly dying. Not dying in a sense where there’s no demand – it’s dying because a lot of the people don’t want to get into it,’ he clarified. 

‘Most people don’t understand it. They don’t know that they can train to be a dry cleaner. They don’t know that they can open a dry cleaner without even being a dry cleaner.’

He went on to declare that heading up a dry cleaning business is ‘a great job… to consider if you want to make big bucks in the future.’ 

Viewers flocked to the comment section to express gratitude for the insider advice. 

‘I’ve been saying seamstress is a skill set to have and will make you a lot of money. I’m so glad my mom taught me how to sew,’ offered one.

‘No lies told. I’m a seamstress I work on bridal gowns and it’s rare if we find any seamstress to help us. I’m the youngest in my industry,’ a second agreed.  

‘Jobs AI can’t do. Keep spreading the good word, brother,’ a third chimed in.

‘Cobbler sounds like such a cool job. Milliners, cobblers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers… we need to go back to the crafts,’ another inspired viewer wrote, to which Side Hustle Realist responded: ‘So rewarding.’ 

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