'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Plans to Build Charleston Home For Herself and Children, Thomas Ravenel Gets in The Way

'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis Plans to Build Charleston Home For Herself and Children, Thomas Ravenel Gets in The Way

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is sick of instability in her life, and she wants to change that. For fans, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise — it’s an understatement to say that Dennis’ life has been turbulent in the last several years. Since breaking up with Thomas Ravenel in 2016, the couple has been duking it out in court for custody of their two children, Kensie and Saint.

Now, Thomas Ravenel is facing second-degree assault and battery charges, and Kathryn Dennis is reaching her breaking point with stress over the entire scenario. She’s looking to establish more stability in her children’s lives, as well as her own. How, exactly? Dennis plans on building a new home. However, Ravenel is getting in the way.  

Kathryn Dennis is afraid of being a single mother

Say what you will of Kathryn Dennis’ behavior on Southern Charm, but it does seem as if she cares about her children’s well-being. In 2016, Dennis was not allowed custody of her children after failing a court-ordered drug test. After returning from rehab clean and sober, she was granted co-parenting rights with Thomas Ravenel. Since he was accused of sexual assault, Dennis has been pursuing full custody. 

In a recent breakdown on an episode of Southern Charm, however, Dennis expressed fear over what will happen should Ravenel be jailed for the assault and battery charges lodged against him. 

During a conversation with Craig Conover at his fabric store, Dennis broke down over the assault charges. Conover asks Dennis how she’s doing, to which she replies, “Honestly if you ask me, I’m gonna break down.” 

Dennis then begins sobbing, and explains her concerns. “Because if he goes to jail, I’ll be a single mom I don’t know for how long,” she explained. She goes on to say, “How am I gonna explain that to them, that their dad is being charged with sexual assault? … Typically, you come up with these creative responses for kids when they ask hard questions, but with that, I’m not going to… I don’t even know.”

Moving out of her old home


Kathryn Dennis revealed that her battle with Thomas Ravenel isn’t just affecting her mentall, but also financially. The Southern Charm star was forced to move out of her $6,600 Charleston rental into a more modest home to account for the drain on her finances. 

Kathryn Dennis told People, “Currently, I’m renting because the custody thing, I don’t want to spend a large amount of money on anything yet. I’m now meeting with an accountant, I’m working towards building my credit.”

“The custody case is costing me a lot financially, so I’m having to adult officially in every way,” explained Dennis.

Creating stability for her children

Kathryn Dennis has not given up hope for the future, however. She went on to explain to People that her long term goal is to create stability for her children and herself as a family unit.

“I’m just trying to be more responsible on the whole with my finances. That’s part of the reason why I moved out of the other house you’ll see this season; because it was too large of an amount of money to be spending when I need to be building savings,” Dennis told People. 

She went on to add that saving money is important for her future housing plans. “A big part of my future will be building my own house. I’m pretty excited, because I’ve literally moved to like, five different states, ten different houses, since I had kids. I’ve been in the market for a house for a really long time.

Dennis revealed that she wants to build a home “instead of buying one of these houses that’s already old and rotting away with bad memories probably in all of them.” 

Dennis is clearly ready to build a place she and her two children can call home. She wants to find somewhere “where we could plant our roots,” explained Dennis.

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