Spoilers: Scarlett enacts phase one of her evil plan against Ned in Neighbours

Ned (Ben Hall) is right to be petrified of the thought of Scarlett (Whelan Browne) back in his life in Neighbours. Her intentions are the very opposite of good and knowing her psychotic behaviour from before, she won’t stop until she’s destroyed him.

But Ned can’t stop it from happening. Posting that nude video will be his undoing it seems, Scarlett will make sure of that.

Under the duress of blackmail, he begins the painting that she has demanded from him. But having barely recovered from the last time she tortured him, he struggles being so close to her. She makes his skin crawl, and she knows it. She’ll use that to her advantage.

Scarlett toys with him, getting at him over his relationship with Yashvi, getting inside his head. Ned is desperate to throw down the paintbrush and walk out, but Scarlett has him by the short and curlies.

Ned comes up with a plan to get through the painting as quickly as possible but he’s a fool if he thinks Scarlett isn’t fully prepared. She will not be dismissed so easily and lets Ned know that until she says they’re done, they’re not done. Scarlett loses it at Ned and he’s left with no choice, he has to come clean to Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer).

Naturally, Yashvi is devastated by his betrayal. Faced with his lies she doesn’t think they are strong enough to survive this. Ned wants her to tell him everything will be fine but she just can’t. Are they as good as over? Scarlett 1 – Ned 0.

Scenes air from Monday 12th October on Channel 5.

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