Spoilers: Wedding joy as Hendrix faces life-saving surgery in Neighbours

Spoilers: Wedding joy as Hendrix faces life-saving surgery in Neighbours

The big day arrives for Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) and Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone), but with Hendrix’s health deteriorating and his surgery just around the corner, will things go to plan in Neighbours?

The couple have been moving heaven and Earth to get their wedding plans completed on time. They want to hold their nuptials in the zoo, but they hit a snag when the booking falls through a day before the ceremony. It seems like disaster has struck and it’s a sign things shouldn’t go ahead, but trying to keep cool heads they decide to plough on and just get it sorted.

It’s not easy though, their dads, Grant and Pierce, are warring while they’re trying to find themselves a new venue.

Nonetheless, the loved-up couple forge ahead with the wedding and the day is finally upon them. Everything comes nicely together; the dads stop warring (for the moment at least), the venue is sorted, and it’s a beautiful affair, with Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) of course officiating the ceremony. The deed is done, the couple are wed, and all is right with the world.

They have a great time during their first dance, and things get even better for Mackenzie when her dad Grant steps in for their father-daughter dance. It’s the moment she’s been dreaming of and it’s everything she imagined.

But can the two dads keep their drama to themselves?

After the do is done, Hendrix and Mackenzie head off into married life. They celebrate with a ‘homey-moon’ set up by Chloe and Kiri before learning of their best wedding gift – Pierce hands them the keys to an all-expenses paid apartment. They are ready to begin their wedded bliss in their very own home.

But before they can get too excited, there’s the little matter of Hendrix’s surgery. The day arrives and he’s terrified but tries to hide it for Mack. It’s crunch time – will he pull through?

Scenes air from Monday June 6 on Channel 5.

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