Steven Spielberg Donates $2 Million Towards Racial Justice

Steven Spielberg, a giant in the world of Hollywood film, has made a massive monetary donation. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that he is putting his money directly into the hands of non-profit organizations in an effort to fight for racial and economic justice. His generosity and genuine dedication to cultivating a change for the society we live in is turning heads across the globe. Spielberg is granting a $1 million prize he was awarded last month and matching it with $1 million of his personally earned money. This makes his donation a whopping $2 million, which will be distributed among several lucky organizations that are dedicated to this cause.

This all began with prize money. Now it’s being paid forward, and then some. Thanks to Spielberg’s forward-thinking, and generosity, many citizens stand to benefit from this donation.

Last month, Spielberg was honored with a $1 million Genesis Prize, which is awarded to professionals who have proven to be outstanding in their level of contribution to humanitarian efforts and is centralized around those who have proven a commitment to the Jewish community.

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He was honored to have received this prize, and in an effort to continue the good work that this was awarded for, he decided to take all the prize money and match it with $1 million of his own money, doubling the dollar value. He now has pledged a whopping $2 million which will be distributed among 10 non-profit organizations that focus on creating racial and economic justice in their communities.

The lucky recipients of Spielberg’s $2 million funding are listed as being; “Black Voters Matter; Collaborative for Jewish Organizing; Dayenu – A Jewish Call to Climate Action; Jews of Color Initiative; Justice for Migrant Women; National Domestic Workers Alliance; Native American Rights Fund; One Fair Wage and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.”

It is evident that Spielberg vehemently believes in being part of a solution, and that this cause is truly near and dear to his heart. The VIA quoted him as repeating the words of the great Langston Hughes by saying; “America is facing a crisis, and our responsibility is to act now.” This incredible movement towards the betterment of the future of citizens everywhere has not gone unnoticed. Joe Biden released a letter of thanks to Spielberg, in recognition of his selfless act of kindness, and the many lives that he is undoubtedly aiding with this donation.

When asked why he selected those particular 10 organizations, The Hollywood Reporter quoted Spielberg as saying; “We admire these organizations for their honesty and moral imagination, and urge all those who share this vision to join us, so that the work of these non-profits may continue and grow.”

Sources: VIA,  The Hollywood Reporter

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