Tesco Clubcard customers can double vouchers to buy new phones – this is what to do

Tesco Clubcard customers can double vouchers to buy new phones – this is what to do

Supermarket giant Tesco is always making changes to its Clubcard loyalty scheme.

Recently, customers have been able to swap their vouchers for Tesco Mobile vouchers which are worth double its value.

As one Clubcard voucher is worth 50p, a Tesco Mobile voucher is a whopping £1.

Shoppers can use the vouchers to pay a maximum of £250 towards each handset or bill, according to Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website.

How to use Clubcard vouchers with Tesco Mobile?

These vouchers can be used to reduce the cost of a device or monthly bill.

When buying a handset, customers can choose to pay the upfront cost and then add the voucher code at the checkout.

You can only use the vouchers to pay for a pay-monthly phone or upgrade – not a pay-as-you-go handset.

And the Clubcard vouchers can get you a discount on your Tesco Mobile monthly bill.

Simply log into your account and choose the option “reduce your bill with Clubcard partner vouchers”.

Tesco Clubcard customers can collect 1 point for every £1 spent and 150 points nets you a £1.50 voucher.

However, most people lose or forget their points as the supermarket wouldn’t remind shoppers if they have any left over.

How to reclaim hundreds of pounds in Tesco Clubcard vouchers?

1. Log in: Make sure you’re logged into the Tesco Clubcard website and check for unspent vouchers

2. Register: To log in you’ll need a Tesco account, so make sure you’re registered first

3. Check for unused vouchers: You will see a tab saying “my vouchers” and this will list the ones you have to spend

4. Use the codes online or print them: You can print the vouchers to use them in store or use the code listed and spent them online

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