The 8 Most Expensive Purchases Of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

The 8 Most Expensive Purchases Of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

While the U.S. is clearly on guard by the actions of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and his inevitable rise to position of Saudi Arabia’s King in the near future, much debate continues regarding the Prince’s claim to rid the country of corruption and his claimed love for equality based on recent actions.

Regardless of his political views, there’s one thing no one can contest and that’s the extreme spending of Bin Salman over the years. He meets with U.S. companies and founders like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg and businessman Michael Bloomberg.

The Saudi leader has also been seen meeting enthusiastically with other global leaders like former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladmir Putin, cementing his relationship with other leaders and multiple industry investments.

In an effort to continue the appearance of living for the people, the Prince often makes his purchases by proxy of an associate. However, the truth is eventually revealed and these super luxurious purchases have been confirmed by numerous sources.

8 Chateau Louis XIV

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In 2015 the Chateau Louis XIV in Louveciennes, France was purchased for a record-breaking sum of $300 million by a then- mystery buyer, later to be revealed as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. At the time, the mansion was dubbed “the world’s most expensive home’ and according to INSIDER, includes a sound system, lights and air conditioning all controlled by an iPhone. The property boasts a wine cellar, movie theater and moat with a transparent underwater chamber.

In fact, the family owns a network of palaces and countryside retreats throughout the region. Foreign dignitaries and politicians are often hosted at the Al-Yamamah Palace. It’s been said at many of the lavish residences, one can spot gold-plated Kleenex dispensers and gold chairs.

7 Superyacht “Serene”

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The 450-foot superyacht can sleep up to 24 guests in 15 cabins and includes several swimming pools, hot tubs, two helipads, a helicopter hangar, gym and movie theater. What once was rented to the likes of Bill Gates for a few million per week, was sitting at the dock in France when Bin Salman spotted it and had to make it his for $500 million.

6 Luxury Transportation

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While aside from the prince’s superyacht, not much is known about his modes of transportation. We know the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund owns five percent of Uber but it’s unlikely the prince is taking an Uber anytime soon.

However, in early 2023 the Washington Examiner reported bin Salman was the owner/controller of Sky Prime Aviation, the private plane company that was used to extricate Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s assassins from Turkey in 2018. The connection confirmed bin Salman’s involvement in the murder and proof of the prince’s access to virtually any transportation he wants.

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5 “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci

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In 2017, a painting depicting Christ by Leonardo da Vinci was auctioned off at a record breaking price of $450 million. At the time, it was sold to a mystery buyer but over the years, it’s been confirmed that the buyer was working as a proxy for Mohammad bin Salman. Not only has the painting been plagued with rumors of authenticity but it also hasn’t been seen since the auction. Some believe the last known painting of da Vinci’s now hangs on the prince’s superyacht.

4 Oil Kings

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The state owned oil giant, Saudi Aramco, reached a record-high valuation of $2 trillion in 2019, making it the most valuable and profitable company in the world and the owner is none other than the Crown Prince. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the Saudi Royal Family has an estimated fortune around $1.4 trillion, splitting the vast percentage among 2,000 individuals.

3 Entertainment Industry

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According to Kotaku, an electronic gaming development company (EGDC), owned by bin Salman, owns nearly 100 percent of Japanese developer SNK. The prince has long since been interested in the entertainment industry, meeting with U.S. companies like Google and Facebook. Saudi Arabia has spent years investing in esports and gaming like SNK, Activision Blizzard and Nexon, further expanding their control over various global industries.

2 The Professional Sports Arena

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Under the Saudi Public Investment Fund, bin Salman purchased The Premier League, Newcastle United Football Club (soccer to those in the U.S.), making it the financially strongest club in England. With more money than any other potential owner, the team is in a position to snag top athletes like James Tarkowski and Sergi Roberto according to Marca. The new team began to form in 2022 with more changes on the horizon. Despite agreements that say Saudi Arabia will not be involved in the decision making for the club, only time will tell.

1 Private Island Getaways

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The entire family is known for their getaways on the islands of Maldives as well as other luxurious travel. The multiple resorts and spas offer the prince a variety of activities like diving, surfing, water skiing and much more. It’s not uncommon for the prince to invite dozens of friends and associates for a weekend party full of luxurious entertainment and their own private villa. The privately owned islands allow bin Salman and his family to seek relaxation and fun away from the paparazzi and other media entities.

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