‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Ben couldn’t find the right words in Week 11

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Tayshia is between a rock and a hard place.

Going in to this week’s second episode, she had four men left: Ben, Brendan, Zac and Ivan.

Tuesday night brought the highly anticipated hometowns dates.

Because of the pandemic, Tayshia couldn’t fly around the country to her final four guys’ home towns to meet their family. Instead, a few people close to each man were flown out to the resort. The men were tasked with hosting a date that portrayed their town the best.

Every family welcomed Tayshia with open arms, which made it that much harder to send someone home. It doesn’t bode well for next week’s two-night finale, with the three remaining gents being practically perfect.

Here’s what went down on Week 11.

Brendan‘s date

The 30-year-old from Milford, MA, put on a carnival for Tayshia. His niece Ailyah joined them for the afternoon. The three played games like ring toss and super shot and jumped in a bounce house. Both Tayshia and Brendan have been married before, and both want to start a family with their next spouse. Having Ailyah there allowed them to show off their parenting skills.

Brendan’s older brother, Daniel, and his wife Christie joined the party later in the evening. Brendan’s father passed away when he was younger, and Daniel is the most important person in his life.

Daniel assured Tayshia that Brendan is ready to walk down the aisle again. The Bachelorette was a huge hit with his family, which brought them even closer together.

Zac. C‘s date

Is everyone OK if I call him Zac now? Zac is from NYC, so the “hometown” date started with a lesson in how to hail a cab. He taught her how to order bagels — no fruit and cream cheese together — and they indulged in a New York slice in front of a brownstone backdrop. Then they sat in the park, AKA drawing of a park, as Zac prepped Tayshia to meet his family.

Zac’s parents and his brother Matthew flew from the East to the West coast to see his new love. Matthew sat down with Tayshia one-on-one to grill her about where her relationship is with Zac and the other guys. Zac’s falling in love with her and she’s falling in love with him. But they haven’t touched on the reality that there are three other guys there.

Zac’s dad Douglas was glad to see him smiling for the first time in a long time. Zac told his mom, Beatrice, that dating Tayshia has made him realize that he wants to have a family one day. “I can’t be happier than I am sitting here looking at you two,” his dad told them.

Ivan‘s date

Ivan had his 4-year-old niece Kehlani film a video teaching them how to make lumpia, a traditional Filipino dish. It was a normal, realistic but adorable way for the two of them to spend the day connecting and getting closer. “It was the perfect combination of lighthearted and fun,” said Tayshia.

Both of Ivan’s parents came to Palm Springs, which is a big deal because his dad suffers from major health issues that could be triggered by the pandemic. It’s only the second time Ivan’s introduced a girl to them, so the pressure was on.

Ivan’s mom was stunned by the fast timeline. “I’m still a skeptic,” she told Tayshia. His dad Claraence had also been married at a young age and got divorced before remarrying Ivan’s mom, and wanted to know what Tayshia learned from her divorce. He urged Tayshia to not step into a second marriage unless she was sure. In an interview, dad said that he was “impressed” with Tayshia.

Ivan told his mom he’s not ready to propose to Tayshia, though he can see himself getting there.

His brother, who Ivan said is the most influential person in his life, walked in as a surprise. Ivan’s opened up about his brother to Tayshia before, and seeing him almost brought him to tears.

Ben‘s date

The LA resident took Tayshia rollerblading and for wellness shots. They stopped at a recreation of the Venice Beach boardwalk to try on sunhats and get caricatures drawn. They ended the day with a dip in the pool, er, the “beach.” Ben’s sister Madeline, who he’s credited for saving him during a mental health crisis, and his family friend, Antonia (yes, chef Antonia Lofaso from Food Network) came to Palm Springs to meet Tayshia. His parents couldn’t make it because of the pandemic.

Madeline promised Tayshia that Ben isn’t hiding anything, and he takes a while to break down his walls. Chef Antonia helped Ben realize that he’s in love with Tayshia, and he needs to tell her.

But when it came time to do it, he froze up and chickened out. She went to bed without hearing how he felt.

The rose ceremony

The dates went too well for Tayshia. There wasn’t an obvious man to send home, they’re all perfect. Next week, the three final men will stay in a fantasy suite with Tayshia, meet her family, and possibly get down on one knee.

She gave Ivan, Zac and Brendan roses. Unfortunately, that meant Ben was going home.

“I think you’re incredible and I feel like you have taught me so much being here,” she told him while walking him out. “I really care about you and I appreciated this week so much, I don’t know if our pages are aligned at this time.”

Stunned, Ben started to shut down. “I’m heartbroken but I’ll be alright,” he promised Tayshia, holding in that he’s in love with her. “I should have told her how I felt when I had the chance,” he told the camera in the SUV.

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