The best books of the week

The Forger’s Daughter
Bradford Morrow (fiction, Mysterious Press)
Will is a reformed literary forger, having lived 20 years on the straight and narrow. But one night, a package is violently delivered to his country home — with a new demand. Through no choice of his own, he finds himself drawn into a plot to counterfeit Edgar Allen Poe’s rare “Tamerlane.”

Anxious People
Fredrik Backman (fiction, Atria Books)
An apartment open house turns into an active hostage situation when a failed bank robber bursts in and holds the house hunters captive. It’s a motley group, and one of them has locked himself in the apartment’s only bathroom. From the author of “A Man Called Ove.”

Sue Miller (fiction, Harper)
Graham and Annie were married for nearly 30 years, a golden couple whose marriage was the envy of many in their circle. But when Graham dies suddenly and Annie is left to pick up the pieces, she discovers that he was unfaithful to her — and begins to wonder how well she really knew him.

Mill Town
Kerri Arsenault (nonfiction, St. Martin’s Press)
A look at the town of Mexico, Maine, where a paper mill employed three generations of the author’s own family. It wasn’t until she moved away, however, that Arsenault began to take a closer look at the destruction the mill brought on the physical and environmental health of the area and its people.

The Big Door Prize
M.O. Walsh (fiction, GP Putnam’s Sons)
What if a machine could tell you your life’s potential? That’s what happens when the DNAMix shows up at the local grocery store in a small Louisiana town. Pretty soon, the town’s citizens are leaving their posts as teachers and shopkeepers to pursue their true callings.

Roberto Lovato (memoir, Harper)
A gripping memoir by Lovato, who grew up a child of Salvadoran immigrants in 1970s/’80s San Francisco, as MS-13 began to grow throughout the area. Roberto eventually became a human-rights advocate in war-torn El Salvador, before returning once again to the US.

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