The Most Expensive Tiaras Of The British Royal Family, Ranked

The Most Expensive Tiaras Of The British Royal Family, Ranked

The British Royal family is known for its unique and expensive jewelry. Jewelry for the British royal family goes beyond mere ornamentation. The tiaras are a collection of ornate headpieces worn by Royal family members for Royal events or special occasions. Many of the Royal family tiaras have been passed down through generations, with some over a hundred years.

The Royal tiaras are made from precious metals and gems, including diamonds, pearls, and emeralds, and are often intricately designed and decorated. They are usually worn by female Royal family members, including the Queen, Princesses, and Duchesses, for formal events such as state dinners, royal weddings, and other ceremonial occasions. Each tiara has a unique history and significance. Join us as we tour the collection of tiaras from the British Royal family:

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8 The Cartier Halo – $1.7 Million

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The Cartier Halo tiara was given to Queen Mary by King George VI in 1936 as a gift. Queen Mary was seen wearing this tiara only once. It is made of 739 sparkling diamonds and 149 baguette diamonds. It is not a big tiara, and Kate Middleton chose this as her favorite one. The Cartier Halo tiara was meant for Queen Mary, but she rarely wore it and gave it to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, for her 18th birthday in 1944 instead. Kate Middleton was spotted donning the tiara during her wedding day with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

7 Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara – $2.8 Million

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The Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara is a famous tiara that was previously owned by Queen Mary, who was gifted by the County of Lincoln in 1893 during her engagement. The tiara is made of diamonds and features a flexible band encrusted with a row of diamonds in a geometric design. It is topped with a detachable brooch with a large, brilliant-cut diamond at the center. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was spotted wearing the Queen Mary Bandeau Tiara on her wedding day to Prince Harry in May 2018. It is valued at approximately $2.8 million.

6 The Burmese Ruby Tiara – $6.2 Million

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This tiara was made by Garrard & Co. in 1973, and it features 96 rubies that were gifted to Queen Elizabeth by the people of Burma as a wedding present in 1947. The tiara’s design is simple and elegant, with the rubies set in diamond clusters in a band around the tiara. The rubies are particularly stunning, as they are some of the finest quality stones in the world, and their deep red color is quite striking. The late Queen Elizabeth was seen wearing this magnificent tiara several times during state functions. It is valued at $6.2 Million and is among the most famous tiaras in the world.

5 The York Diamond Tiara – $6.2 Million

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This tiara was made in 1980 by the Garrard for Queen Victoria, who later passed it to her granddaughter, Princess Mary, who married the Earl of Harewood. The tiara remained in the Harewood family until the 1980s when it was purchased by Sarah, Duchess of York. She wore the tiara to several high-profile events, including a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in 1991. The tiara features a series of diamond scrolls and floral motifs set in platinum. It is estimated to be worth around $6.2 million.

4 The Delhi Durbar Tiara – $10.5 Million

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The Delhi Durbar Tiara is a diamond tiara that was made in 1911 for the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India at the Delhi Durbar. The tiara was made by Garrard & Co., the official jeweler to the British Royal Family, and features a central camellia-shaped element surrounded by nine detachable diamond and platinum festoons.

3 Oriental Circlet Tiara – $7.2 Million

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This tiara was the favorite of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, who used to wear it during her lifetime. Garrard & Co. created the tiara in 1919 using diamonds from Queen Victoria’s tiara. The Oriental Circlet Tiara has several diamond arches set atop a diamond band. The tiara can also be worn with a set of eleven upright diamonds that can be attached to the hooks. It is estimated to be worth around $7.2 million.

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2 Queen Mary Fringe Tiara -$9 Million

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This tiara was originally created in 1919 for Queen Mary, the wife of King George V. It was made by Garrard & Co., the official jeweler of the British Royal family. Queen Mary had the tiara made from diamonds, originally part of her mother-in-law’s (Queen Alexandra’s) tiara. The diamonds were re-set into a new, more modern design. It comprises diamonds set in platinum and features a fringe design with 47 diamond bars that hang down and move freely.

1 The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara – $12.4Million

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The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara is a stunning piece of jewelry that belongs to the British Royal family. It was made in 1919 by the renowned jewelry firm Boucheron for the socialite Margaret Greville, who later bequeathed it to Queen Elizabeth II in 1942. The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara is set with a big emerald in the center, surrounded by smaller emeralds and diamonds. The side panels are likewise set with diamonds and emeralds in a scrolling style. The tiara is made of platinum and gold, with high-quality emeralds and diamonds.

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