This Cheese Sculpture of Carrie Underwood Will Haunt Your Dreams

This Cheese Sculpture of Carrie Underwood Will Haunt Your Dreams

Move over, scary Madame Tussauds wax figures. Carrie Underwood is seeing your lifeless, blank-stared statues and adding a dose of dairy. People reports that on the latest stop of Underwood's Cry Pretty Tour 360, the Fiserv Forum presented her with a one-of-a-kind gift: a 40-pound cheese bust complete with glitter tears to match her Cry Pretty promo material. 

"The @fiservforum outdid themselves tonight," Underwood wrote alongside an Instagram post of the cheese sculpture. "This is me … carved into a 40 lb block of Wisconsin cheese in honor of our show here in Milwaukee! I’m speechless!!!"

The work of culinary art came complete with fruit and, yes, more cheese. Underwood die-hards will recognize the inspiration immediately. It's supposed to look like the cover of her album, Cry Pretty, and the cheesy creation comes pretty close. Being that the Fiserv Forum is in Milwaukee, it's a fitting tribute to the country superstar.

Underwood was gracious when she posted the picture, but her followers didn't all follow suit. "Ummmm I'm going to have nightmares about cheesy crying Carrie," a fan wrote. Another agreed that the figure was frightening, but they did note that they could see all of the effort that it took to create. 

Other fans took the opportunity to post cheesy (literally) jokes and puns: "LOOKS SHARP," one wrote. Another added, "Before He Cheesed. Jesus Take the Wheel (of cheese). Two Black Camemberts. Smoke Brie-k," recalling some of Underwood's hits.

While it's in the fair state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee isn't usually the city that comes to mind when people think of cheese. Madison, the state's capital, actually hosts an annual cheese sculpture competition. There's no doubt that the artist behind this masterpiece would take home some gold at that contest, since it's clear they've already won Underwood's heart.

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