This Is One Major Lifestyle Choice Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Agree on

This Is One Major Lifestyle Choice Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle Agree on

Meghan Markle and her grandmother in law, Queen Elizabeth, come from pretty different backgrounds. Meghan was born in the United States, and worked hard to make a name for herself as an actress. Queen Elizabeth was born a princess, lived her whole life as a royal, and is now the longest ruling monarch.  

Considering how different these two are, it’s not surprising that that the two may not always be able to find common ground. They do agree on some important things though.  

How do Meghan and the Queen get along?

Although some body language experts think that the queen prefers Kate Middleton to Meghan, the queen has never said so outright. Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth seem to get along quite well. The two appear side by side often, and Duchess Meghan even has an endearing nickname for the queen.  

It’s true that Meghan Markle doesn’t always follow the royal rules. Why should she? She’s not British, and she’s one of the only biracial royals. Some experts thought that by doing things with her own style and flare, Meghan would rub the queen the wrong way. 

Luckily it seems the queen is accepting of Meghan’s unique style. The two are even on the same page about some major lifestyle choices.

What is the major lifestyle choice these two agree on?

 Both Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth agree on the power of food.  More importantly, both women believe in using the power of food to make the world a better place.  

The queen has a history of using food to bring people together. She thinks that a good meal can bridge the divide between people of very different backgrounds. Most recently, Queen Elizabeth held a reception for people of all different faiths. She used the reception to get people talking about community issues. Her secret weapon: toast and tea. 

These types of receptions are very important to the queen. She’s dedicated her life and her time as a ruling monarch to improving her community. Meghan, her new granddaughter in law, also cares deeply about helping her community. 

Not only does Meghan care about helping the community, she has also used food for the good of her community. She recently wrote a cookbook to raise money for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The project was a success.  

Meghan’s cookbook wasn’t her first foray into food writing. She ran a lifestyle blog where she posted her recipes before she got married.

They also have their faith in common

These two women clearly share a deep respect for the healing power of food. They both use food to do good in the world, which is a pretty important thing to have in common.

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle also share their faith. Since the days of Henry VIII the ruling British monarch has served as head of the Church of England. Meghan Markle was religious before meeting Prince Harry. Before the wedding, she was baptized into the Church of England. Now, these two women share something important to both of them: the same faith. 

Despite their different backgrounds, they have two big things in common: food and faith. What could be more important than that? 

 Meghan Markle has been a joy for the public to get to know. She’s especially dear to Americans, who are happy to have one of their own in the royal family. We can’t wait to see how her relationship with the queen grows.  

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