Trainer shares online workouts that will 'improve your sex game'

Trainer shares online workouts that will 'improve your sex game'

Fitness model and coach Patrick Toechterle has caused a stir on TikTok for his workout routine that he claims will make you better in the bedroom.

Patrick, who is based in the UK, often posts content as an online fitness coach and has recently shared his thoughts on workouts that will improve your strength and stamina in bed. 

He says his latest moves will ‘improve your sex game’. 

Many of his sex-related workout videos receive thousands of views, with one video, entitled ‘Level Up your Erotic Games’, receiving more than 100,000 views.

In the video, Patrick starts off by telling his viewers to unlock their hips before going into three workout moves that are designed to improve hip mobility – which will then improve your mobility during sex.

He demonstrates the first move, which has him lying facedown move your knee back at a 90 degree angle and then shifting it out in order to ‘open’ it up.

His second move is to sit with your one leg bent underneath you and then moving up so your other leg moves forward into a deep lunge.

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The final move is called a ‘stretch flow’, where Toechterle is on his hands and knees before stretching his leg out to the side while rotating his hip.

In another video, Patrick goes through four moves that also good for mobility and will improve your sexual mobility.

He starts out as if he is ready to run a race, with one knee on the floor behind him and one knee at 90 degrees up in front of him, using his hands to bend forward and stretch it out.

He then goes into a ‘pigeon pose’, a common yoga move, with one leg outstretch behind him and the other leg bent inward as he sits back, using his hands in front to steady himself.

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In the third move, he adds a piece of equipment, a stretch band, around his foot as he moves his leg up towards his body without bending it and then side to side.

The fourth move is called ’90/90′, where one leg is bent backwards behind him and one leg is bent inwards in front of him as he leans down, almost like a butterfly stretch.

Because sex is basically a hip thrusting exercise, Patrick says these stretches will mean that your hips are more mobile than before, and you will be able to last longer and without pain.

So, if you give these a try and your sex life improves, make sure to tell your partners to thank Patrick afterwards.

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