Triplet who welcomed triplets of her own gets real about motherhood

Triplet who welcomed triplets of her own gets real about motherhood

A woman who is a triplet herself is sharing her journey of becoming a mom to triplets of her own.

Judit Agota Minda and her fiance, Glenn Undheim welcomed their own tiny trio — Filip Alexander, Amelia Helena and Henrik Mikael — on Jan. 29.

Minda herself is a middle triplet between two sisters, Szilvia Minda and Sofia Minda-Børdal.

“I wish [for] my children…to find just as much happiness and joy for having each other as me and my sisters do,” Minda told “Good Morning America.” “Always having two best friends I can count on is magical.”

“Glenn had a million thoughts in his head — about economy, if we had time enough to take care of three children at the same time and that we would never have time of our own anymore,” she recalled, adding how she feared being pregnant with multiples could also increase complications.

Minda, 31, said she and Undheim were shocked when they learned they were expecting three babies instead of one.

Minda said that during the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy she experienced extreme nausea and difficulty breathing. Due to a heart condition called tachycardia, Minda also experienced high pulse.

Her third trimester grew more complicated when there was a lack of bloodflow in the umbilical cord of one of her children.

Thankfully, Minda was treated by doctors and was able to carry to 34 weeks. Minda said her infants were “tiny but mighty” and her first born, FIlip, experienced some episodes of tachycardia in the first two weeks.

“No more episodes after that,” Minda said, adding that her babies learned how to eat before heading home.

During her pregnancy, Minda launched her Instagram page, triplet_with_triplets, where she connects with other moms among her 34,000 followers.

“Instagram has been a huge help to me,” she said. “And I feel it’s great that I get to help other moms in similar shoes.”

“I love being a mom but it can get very tough,” Minda added. “I have been thrown into the deepest point of an ocean without being [taught] to swim.”

Minda candidly admits that parenthood has its ups and downs — especially when caring for three infants at once.

“Sleep deprivation has had the toll on me and my fiance,” she said. “But looking at my kids, seeing them smile makes me get up with a smile every day. I have fallen irrevocably in love with them…”

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