UK braces for rain this weekend after summer heatwave

UK braces for rain this weekend after summer heatwave

Britain should expect a temperature drop this weekend, as the short-lived summer heatwave this week takes a break.

Despite the scorching heat soaring highs of 28C on Friday, Wales and the southern part of England will see patchy rain moving across the country.

The Met Office said the band of rain will move from south to north where some rural areas could turn chilly tonight.

Weekend vacationers and Wimbledon fans should be lucky to enjoy some very warm sunshine before the shower spells arrive.

Temperatures in the south will remain mainly warm in the night, it is reported.

Aidan McGivern, a meteorologist at the Met Office said: "The weather in the UK can be unfair at times and in northern Britain it is shrouded in areas of cloud.

"Southern parts of the UK, much sunnier skies and it stays that way through Friday.

"This evening it's not going to feel particularly pleasant with a strong wind for the far north of Scotland and rain moving through the northern isles and continuing to feel damp across the rest of Scotland, a few drabs of rain pushing into the central belt.

"And then that rain will fringe across northern Ireland.

"Cloudy skies for northern England and increasingly for north and west wales – quite gloomy there through the night. But clear skies will remain for central and southern Britain.”

Brits will still have a chance to bask in sunshine as the rain will be mostly light and on and off for the southern part of the country.



Cloud and patchy rain will move south from northern England into Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia, reaching southeast England later. To the south expect some very warm sunshine, with brighter, cooler, breezy weather further north. Isolated showers northern Scotland.


Most parts will be dry overnight with clear spells, and turning chilly in some rural areas. A few showers continuing across the northeast and towards the far southeast of England.


A lot of dry weather is expected on Sunday with some sunshine. However, a few showers are likely in the north and east. Patchy rain developing towards the southwest later.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

After a chilly start Monday looks mostly fine. A few showers in the far south. A little more unsettled thereafter with some showery rain moving southeast across the British Isles.

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