UK’s favourite dog breeds: The 10 most loved breeds from big to small – full list

UK’s favourite dog breeds: The 10 most loved breeds from big to small – full list

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Dogs are the nation’s favourite pet with more than a quarter of UK household’s hosting a canine companion. From Labradors to French Bulldogs, there are a host of breeds that have stolen the hearts of Brits across the country – but how do they compare in size? These are the most popular breeds from big to small.

What is the nation’s favourite dog breed?

Whether you favour a loveable giant or a small four-legged friend, there is a dog for everyone when it comes to size and personality.

From the droopy-faced English Mastiff to the notoriously tiny Chihuahua, it seems our love for these furry pets is unmatched, no matter their size.

A recent poll has revealed that the Boxer is the most sought after breed in the UK – but how does this large dog size up against other top breeds?


The Boxer dog is a medium-sized, muscular breed with a sturdy stance and deep chest.

With a short muzzle and turned up chin, the sweet face of the Boxer is joined with their bold and confident build to make it the UK’s most loved breed in 2021.

According to Purina, Boxer’s have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years and usually grow to between 25 to 32kg.

These tall dogs can reach 53 to 63cm in height, with a wide colouring in their short coat.

While most Boxer’s boast fawn coloured hair, this loveable breed can come in white or brindle, says Purina.

Shibu Inu

The size of this tall, fluffy breed can vary greatly between gender and age.

Recognised by Purina as a “medium-sized, Spitz-type dog”, the Japanese Shibu Inu is known for their statement coat and bold look.

Ranked as the UK’s second most love breed, adult male Shibu Inus stand at around 39.5cm tall and weigh in at around 10kg.

Adult females grow to around 36.5cm tall and reach an average weight of 7kg.

This small breed is renowned for its thick, soft undercoat which is covered in a hard, straight topcoat that comes in red, red sesame, black and tan, or white.

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French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has been at the forefront of many campaigns to ban ‘cruel’ breeding practices.

According to animal rights charity, PETA, this stylish dog is purposely bred to have certain trains which causes serious genetic problems.

Despite pleas to end deliberate breeding of the Frenchie, this small, stocky dog remains the UK’s third most loved canine companion.

The average French Bulldog will grow between 28 to 33 cm tall with a maximum weight of around 12kg.

Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized, well-balanced dog with a silky coat and plenty of energy.

As the UK’s fourth most popular dog, this medium sized dog is a common companion for many Brits.

According to Purina, the average Cocker Spaniel will grow to 38 to 41cm in height and 13 to 14.5kg in weight.

  • Most Cocker Spaniels live for 12 to 15 years

Golden Retriever

Perhaps the most recognisable and best-loved dog in the West, the Golden Retriever is known for its lustrous golden coat and wagging tail.

Most golden retrievers will live for 10 to 12 years offering a decade of companionship.

The average weight of a Golden Retriever is 27 to 34 kg with the average height coming in at 51 to 61cm tall, says Purina.

Known as gun dog, this large breed is the perfect addition to any family home thanks to their notoriously calm, playful and loyal nature.

UK’s favourite dog breeds in size order:

  • Golden retriever – 27 to 34kg weight, 51 to 61cm tall
  • Boxer – 25 to 32kg weight, 53 to 63cm tall
  • Chow Chow – 18 to 31.5kg weight, 46 to 56cm tall
  • Cocker Spaniel – 13 to 14.5kg in weight, 38 to 41cm tall
  • Shibu Inu – 10kg weight, 39.5cm tall
  • Beagle – 10 to 11kg weight, 33 to 40cm tall
  • French Bulldog – 7.5 to 12kg in weight, 30 to 31cm tall
  • Shih Tzu – 4 to 7.5kg weight, 20 to 28cm tall
  • Dachshund – 4.5 to 5kg weight, 12 to 15cm tall
  • Pomeranian – 1.8 to 3kg weight, 18 to 30cm tall

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