Vitamin drink maker Suzanne Wong speaks about launching her business

My lightbulb moment: Vitamin drink maker Suzanne Wong speaks about launching her business which she runs alongside her normal job

  •  Suzanne Wong, 33, launched vitamin drinks Pink Cloud Beauty Co. in 2018 
  •  Products now sold in range of stores including Boots, Harrods & Harvey Nichols
  •  Businesswoman still has her normal job on the side while running the company
  • Since March, when the lockdown began, company’s web sales are up by 355%

Suzanne Wong, 33, launched Pink Cloud Beauty Co in 2018, a range of drinkable vitamins now stocked in Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, Harrods Pharmacy and Harvey Nichols. 

She lives in Manchester with Paul, her partner, who also works for the company.

I was working in sales and marketing and my partner Paul used to have an online health food business and bring home products for me to try. 

Suzanne Wong, 33, who lives in Manchester with her partner Paul, launched Pink Cloud Beauty Co in 2018 – a range of drinkable vitamins stocked in leading drug stores

Soon, I was taking a cocktail of different tablets and potions each day to get my vitamin hit. Paul called it my ‘witches’ brew’.

He would see me holding my nose and throwing things down, and say: ‘Isn’t there just one product with all these things in it?’

I looked into it and there really wasn’t. So I realised there was a gap in the market for a simple, all-in-one supplement that was easy to take and tasted great.

Doing my research, I discovered that vitamins in liquid form have better bioavailability — the proportion of a substance that your body absorbs. 

So I decided to launch a range of drinkable vitamins.

Because I didn’t have a background in nutrition, it was important to me that we got the science right. I was lucky to find a team of industry experts to advise me. 

The company sells a variety of products, including pink-lemonade-flavoured drinkable vitamins and as well beetroot  which makes the striking pink colour

They helped me identify what was feasible while adhering to the strict legislation.

Then I took away the samples and tried them (I don’t sell anything I haven’t tried myself).

We launched with pink-lemonade-flavoured Beauty Drinkable Vitamins in July 2018, which contains marine collagen, biotin, selenium and vitamins C and E.

And by adding beetroot we made it a beautiful pink colour, which made it a hit on Instagram.

By June 2019 we had added the Focus, Relax and Hair supplements. Then Superdrug started stocking us. We won silver at the 2019 Pure Beauty Awards in the Best New British Brand category.

It’s been hard work. I still have a job on the side, but we’ve boomed since March: web sales are up by 355 per cent.

The name Pink Cloud comes from evening walks Paul and I used to go across Saddleworth Moor in the Peak District. It’s quite high up there and the sky was always this brilliant pink colour. I loved the idea of something so natural and yet so beautiful, which mirrors the ethos of the business. 

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