‘Weekend Update’ Pulls Off Hilarious Lowlights Supercut Of Trump Reign

“Saturday Night Live’s” Colin Jost and Michael Che celebrated “Weekend Update’s” final segment about Donald Trump with a snide tribute to the president’s “greatest moments” — not.

“Barring a reverse Christmas miracle, this is the last ‘Weekend Update’ with Donald Trump still in office,” said Jost.

The video clips included scenes of Trump mocking a disabled reporter and hurling rolls of paper towels at hurricane victims in Puerto Rice, all set to the song “Closing Time.”

“America, don’t cry, because it’s over. Smile because it happened — and then probably cry a little bit,” said Jost. “I don’t know; I’m still working it out with my therapist.”

The Update anchors also revisited a holiday tradition of giving each other offensive, embarrassing jokes to read. The jokes Jost had to read, provided by Che, made him sound extremely racist. “Whoah,” said Che. “That’s pretty racist, Colin.”

One of Jost’s jokes for his co-anchor had Che mocking his own sexual prowess.

Che got the last laugh with Jost reading a joke about wife Scarlett Johansson playing Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming biopic about Ronald Reagan.

Johansson once said she should be “allowed to play any person, tree, or animal” after she was criticized for taking roles portraying an Asian woman (“Ghost in the Shell”) and a transgender man (“Rub and Tug”). Johansson dropped “Rub and Tug” before shooting began.

Check out Trump’s lowlights in the video up top, and the holiday joke bit below: 



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