Who is Toni Crews? | The Sun

Who is Toni Crews? | The Sun

BEFORE passing away from an rare but aggressive cancer in 2020, Toni Crews made a huge decision.

Tonight, the mum-of-two's body will be dissected by scientists during a re-showing of a British TV documentary on Channel 4.

1) Who is Toni Crews?

Toni Crews died at 30 of a very rare cancer that began in her tear gland.

She then raised awareness of her illness by sharing photos documenting the tumour's spread on her Instagram page blingkofaneye_. 

Though the mother from Kent tragically died in 2020, she gifted her body to science to help fight the war on the disease – allowing her body to be dissected in the TV programme, My Dead Body.

2) What happened to Toni Crews' eye?

Toni was forced to have her eye removed after she was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, a type of cancer that spread across her face.

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In 2016, she noticed her eye was continually puffy and her vision became blurry.

An MRI scan revealed a lump behind here eye, which tests revealed was cancer.

This prompted the removal of her right eye and the tumour behind it, in an attempt to stop the cancer spreading.

In 2020, scans revealed it had returned to her lungs and skin tissue.

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3) Is Toni Crew married and does she have children?

Toni was a single mother of two young children.

When she died her children Charlie and Faith were eight and seven years old, respectively.

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